According to available information, the company OpenAI suspended by the developerwhich is worth botem Dean.Botpowered by ChatGPT technology, which had impersonating Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips to help boost his campaign. The chatbot was created by startup Delphi for the super PAC We Deserve Better, which supports Phillips.

Dean.Bot however he did not pretend to be Phillips himself. A disclaimer describing the nature of the bot was displayed before website visitors interacted with it. Nevertheless, this type of use is in direct violation of OpenAI policy. A company spokesperson confirmed the suspension of this developer. It comes just weeks after OpenAI published a lengthy blog post post about the measures it is taking to prevent misuse of its technology ahead of the 2024 election. As an example of what is not allowed, specifically mentioned chatbots impersonating candidates.

OpenAI also reported that prohibits the creation of applications for political campaigning and lobbying. According to available information, Dean.Bot’s intention was to establish contact with potential supporters and spread the candidate’s message. Now there is a bot inoperative.