Toyota kicks off the new year with promotional discounts within its own subsidy program. It’s incredibly generous and includes all the important models.

We all know that electromobility and ecological drives are not popular in the Czech Republic. To blame is the low support of subsidy programs that would compensate for their higher prices. While support ends in most foreign countries, the Czech government announced a subsidy for the purchase of an electric car or a hydrogen car at the end of last year. But this only applies to legal entities and even when buying on credit.

But Toyota is not a typical fleet brand and also has a wide base in the private sector. Therefore, it decided to offer discounted models to them as part of the Toyota weekend scheduled for January 27-28.

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You will save the most money when buying a Camry limousine, the price of which Toyota is reducing by CZK 240,000. You can get the second largest discount on the previous generation C-HR crossover, which is CZK 215,000. Its successor is currently on sale. The Toyota weekend will be one of the first opportunities to view it, test it and possibly buy it with a discount of CZK 125,000.

This year’s Corolla sedan will be cheaper by CZK 160,000, and you will save CZK 150,000 on last year’s practical version of the Touring Sports. Toyota will provide a discount of CZK 110,000 on the Corolla Cross. SUV lovers won’t be disappointed when buying a RAV4. Its price will drop by CZK 130,000.

You can use the KINTO One branded operating lease as you like, with which you get a RAV4 for CZK 9,900 without VAT per month and a Corolla Touring Sports for CZK 5,990 without VAT per month.

If we return to the state subsidy, in the case of the purchase of a Toyota bZ4X, it is up to CZK 500,000. The state will contribute 200,000 CZK to the company without VAT, and Toyota will pay the remaining 300,000 CZK. The event also applies to commercial vehicles.