More and more often, families are finding refuge in vans – only their box-like practicality can offer them enough living space. But that’s no shame at all, because modern vans are so close to passenger cars that you hardly know the difference. The new Ford Tourneo Courier is great proof of that.

Its architecture is based on the personal Puma (after all, both cars are produced on the same line in Craiova, Romania), the design is also inspired by the world of SUVs (especially in the more adventurous Active variant), so it looks seriously much more attractive than an ordinary van.

Tourneo Courier Tourneo Connect
Length 4 344 mm 4 501 mm
Width 1 876 mm 1 931 mm
Height 1 836 mm 1 798 mm
Wheelbase 2 692 mm 2 755 mm
Trunk 1 188/2 162 l 1 213/2 556 l
Number of places 5 5-7
price from CZK 636,702 791,945 CZK

The Courier’s closest competitor is directly from the family, Ford offers the slightly larger Connect. In addition to a slightly larger interior space (there is also a longer Grand variant available, where the differences are more pronounced), this also has the advantage of a seven-seat layout, more powerful engines and more extensive equipment, which is reflected in a higher price.

Photo: Ford

The Tourneo Courier is basically a compact car, but inside it has enough living space for a family of five. The version in the photo is called Active – although it does not bring extra cross-country ability, but at least it looks like it.

At the same time, it is still properly boxy, so it offers enough space for five people and an additional 1,188 liters of trunk (or up to 2,162 liters when the second row is folded in a 60:40 ratio) conveniently accessible via a pair of side sliding doors and a hinged tailgate. Add to that lots of handy storage pockets, shelves and compartments (such as a well-hidden flip-up pocket in the trunk that you can even remove, perfect for storing dirty shoes, for example) and you have a car that could stand up to any challenge, that your happy family will come up with for him.

At the same time, you will be able to enjoy all the available conveniences of passenger cars in the field of digitization (8-inch instrument panel and 8-inch touchscreen infotainment SYNC 4 with online navigation, over-the-air updates and extensive mobile connectivity including wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wireless charging or remote access via mobile application), comfort (electronic air conditioning, keyless start, heated windshield, steering wheel and front seats) and safety (all important assistance systems are on board, such as emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, reading road signs or parking sensors with a camera and many others).

Photo: Ford

The cabin is simple, but there is nothing missing in it. You’ll feel like you’re in a regular passenger car… only you’ll have more space around you.

The Courier also drives like a passenger car – you can easily find a comfortable position behind the wheel, the steering is direct, the manual is downright deliciously accurate (the dual-clutch automatic is also exceptionally smooth) and the chassis is just stiff enough to keep the car in good shape in corners and the car does not lean, while at the same time the crew on board felt comfortable at all times. In short, a good compromise that is a joy to drive.

A small but tireless worker

Utility Transit Courier will offer up to 2.9 m3 of space, which is a quarter (0.6 m3) more than its predecessor. The interior cargo area has also been extended to 1.8 meters (or up to 2.6 meters thanks to the passage to the cabin and the folding passenger seat) and expanded to 1.2 meters (the height has remained similar to 1.25 meters), so that two europallets.

The payload has also increased from 580 to 680 kilos, or up to 845 kg with increased payload (3,700 CZK without VAT). It then pulls 1,000 kg on the ball (petrol EcoBoost), or 1,100 kg (EcoBlue diesel). In the course of the year, a purely electric version will also be introduced, which can carry up to 700 kg. A station wagon body variant with a second row of seats will also be introduced soon.

The 125-horsepower three-cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost under the hood will also support you in that joy, which has enough pull from low revs, while also abounding in enthusiasm when revving up to high ones. It is also pleasantly quiet and refined for a three-cylinder, so it does not disturb the family well-being in any way. You’ll just have to put up with the consumption of around eight litres. The more economical diesel is only available for the utility version of the Transit Courier, and a purely electric version will be introduced this year.

The new Ford Tourneo Courier thus represents an attractive alternative for families who simply cannot fit in an SUV or station wagon, or for active people with space-demanding hobbies (bicycle, canoe, hot air balloon, etc.). For the extra space, you pay no tax in terms of crew comfort or driving comfort, because the Tourneo Courier seriously drives like a passenger car. So it’s really just a matter of if your ego survives, that those around you think you’re driving a van…

The Ford Tourneo Courier is only available with a turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost (125 hp) and its prices start at 636,702 K4 (526,200 CZK without VAT) in the solid Trend trim, for the higher Titanium trim you will pay 673,607 CZK (556,700 CZK without VAT) and the more stylish Active will cost 709,544 CZK (586,400 CZK without VAT). You will pay an additional 50,000 crowns for an automatic dual-clutch transmission.