Fiat news for 2024 wishes for low prices in desirable segments. If, for example, the electric 600 still seems too expensive to you, you can wait for the gasoline.

The latest addition to the Fiat fleet is the 600 model, which first arrived in an electric version with a 114 kW electric motor and an announced range of over 400 km. For this, he set very attractive prices just under 800 thousand crowns, which is rarely seen in electric cars in this segment. What other news has Fiat prepared for 2024?

The new Fiat 600 will leave others scratching their heads.  It doesn't cost much and basically doesn't look like a refrigerator

In the second quarter of this year, you can look forward to the arrival of the combustion version of the 600 model with mild-hybrid technology. Under the hood, you can expect a 1.2 PureTech engine with an output of 100 kW (136 hp), i.e. again a well-known technique from other models from the Stellantis group. In Opel cars, this engine is referred to as 1.2 Turbo.

The Fiat 500, which has been on sale since 2007, is about to enter a well-deserved retirement. The year 2024 is the last model year for it, and its career will thus end after seventeen years, making it one of the longest-selling models on the European market. It is currently available with a mild-hybrid three-cylinder with an output of 51 kW (70 hp) for a price of CZK 339,900, which is a special price.

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Although one 500 ends, the other continues. The electric Fiat 500 will become one of the most affordable electric cars on our market. In model year 2024, a version with a price starting at 649,000 CZK is expected, which is a step closer to the Dacia Spring, which starts below the 600,000 mark.