As soon as the European Union Digital Markets Act (DMA) enters into force on March 7, there will be massive changes at Spotify. The streaming service states that EU residents will finally be able to purchase a Premium subscription or switch from an individual to a couple or family plan directly in the app. Spotify has not allowed users to pay for subscriptions through Apple’s payment system since 2016 and has long been a vocal critic of the 30 percent share the iPhone maker takes from app developers. Last year, the company even stopped accepting payments from Apple altogether (while previously allowing iOS users who had subscriptions before 2016 to continue paying through Apple’s in-app system).

And since Spotify is launching its own in-app payments, users will be able to easily purchase audiobooks as well. Customers will be charged actual amounts for both subscriptions and purchasesebudou will already have to pay extra to cover Apple’s commission. Users who previously paid through Apple’s in-app system were charged $3 on top of Spotify subscription prices. This practice is now banned by the EU through the DMA.

In addition to Spotify being able to implement its own in-app payment system, will also be able to enter prices into the application. Currently, its products display a note instead of a price telling users that they cannot be purchased in-app. When the DMA goes into effect, Spotify will display the prices of its products and will also be able to start notifying iOS users of offers and promotions directly from the app.