The second generation of the Porsche Macan is presented ten years after the introduction of its predecessor, but unlike it, the novelty is driven exclusively by electricity. Customers have a choice of two variants – the more civil Macan 4 complements the raw Macan Turbo. Let’s introduce them!

Porsche’s goal was to develop the sportiest model in the segment. It is driven forward by a new generation of continuously excited electric motors on the front and rear axle with solid parameters. Even the basic “four” does not let itself be put to shame – with an output of 408 hp and 650 Nm, it can do 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds and reach a maximum speed of up to 220 km/h. These are numbers that will satisfy even the most demanding clientele.

But it wouldn’t be Porsche if it didn’t pull an even sharper ace up its sleeve. The Turbo variant has a great 639 horses, a mammoth torque of 1,130 newton meters, and it can reach 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds! On the German autobahn, you can whiz up to 260 km/h. For comparison, the fastest gasoline Macan GTS with a power of 440 hp manages 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and accelerates to 272 km/h.

Photo: Porsche

The electric Macan is faster than the petrol one.

Both versions have 100kWh batteries (95kWh are usable) and stand on a completely new PPE platform with 800V architecture. This enables fast charging with a power of up to 270 kW, from 10 to 80 percent takes twenty-one minutes, and you can charge 100 km of range in 4 minutes. The Macan 4 promises a range of up to 613 kilometers with a fully charged battery, with the more powerful Turbo it is still a respectable 591 km. Such values ​​are also helped by sophisticated aerodynamic efficiency. The drag coefficient Cx was reduced to a value of 0.25, perhaps due to the air curtains under the lights or the low-slung front part.

The novelty can be equipped with air suspension (for Turbo standard) with electronically controlled shock absorbers including two-valve technology. A better damper map leads to a wider range of settings between comfortable and sporty driving. For the first time ever, the Macan also has rear axle steering with up to 5 degrees, making the car easier to handle in tight spaces and more stable at highway speeds.

Photo: Porsche

The cabin is highly digitized, but Porsche promises high ergonomics and ease of use. We will see…

The appearance of the car is based on the electric Taycan. The SUV can be optionally equipped with Matrix LED headlights and up to twenty-two-inch wheels. Its length is almost 4.8 meters, the wheelbase has improved by 86 millimeters to a final 2,893 mm. It is said that the designers wanted to give the car sporty proportions, which are underlined by the sloping lines of the coupé-style roof.

Following the example of some other electric cars, the new Macan has two luggage compartments – the traditional one in the back with a volume of 530 to 1,348 liters, which is complemented by the so-called frunk under the front hood with a volume of another 84 liters. Ideal for storing charging cables or valuables that you don’t want to leave in plain sight. By the way, when it comes down to it, the car can tow a trailer weighing up to 2,000 kilograms.

The crew will also appreciate other innovations – they sit almost three centimeters lower in the front, and the legroom has also increased. The driver’s station is familiar, consisting of a 12.6″ curved instrument panel and a 10.9″ central screen. For the first time, the system has a head-up display with augmented reality technology, which cleverly projects, for example, navigation arrows onto the windshield, so that you can more easily know where to turn. The car’s new generation infotainment runs on the Android Automotive operating system and you can download third-party applications to it.

Not even the price list is a secret anymore. The Macan 4 starts at 2,225,735 CZK, while the more muscular Macan Turbo costs from 3,059,092 CZK. The novelty has something to build on, after all, over 800,000 copies of the first generation were sold worldwide in its ten years of existence (and will continue to be offered alongside the novelty for some time to come). Will the electric version be similarly successful? Let us be surprised.