Recently, Apple announced that within the The EU will allow iOS users to make purchases from third-party app stores. The company Epic Games has now responded to this change, which has confirmed that this year in Europe brings Fortnite back to iPhone and iPadspecifically through Epic’s new mobile game store.

That will mean the official return of the title to the Apple platform since it was removed in August 2020 after Epic offered discounts for payments made directly in its own store instead of Apple’s App Store and Google Play, which would have taken 30% off them. iOS users then had to rely on Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now to play Fortnite.

He is behind the return of Fortnite to iOS in Europe the new EU law on digital markets, which will enter into force on March 7. This allows developers to accept payments and distribute apps outside of the App Store until Apple implements a new approval process that detects malicious apps. Apple is also introducing a new way of paying fees that should cost most developers publishing in European markets less or the same.