The number of new and used cars sold in the seven years of operation of the Czech dealership exceeded 300. This is based on data from the Association of Car Importers and the statements of brand representatives at a meeting with journalists. Rival Bentley increased sales in the Czech Republic by ten percent last year to 71 new cars.

The best-selling models last year were the Cullinan and Ghost SUVs, and there was also great interest in the brand’s first electric model Spectre, which it presented in June last year. The seller reports steady demand for the top-of-the-line Phantom model. Every car sold has been customized by Bespoke. The Czech Republic accounts for roughly 70 percent of total sales, and Slovakia accounts for 30 percent. Roughly a third of total sales are used cars from the Provenance certified program. In December 2023, the number of all Provenance cars handed over in Prague reached three digits.

According to brand manager Pavel Kalous, the electric Rolls-Royce is sold out for this year and the dealer is now accepting orders for next year. For most other models, delivery is still possible this year. “Our business continues to be very exclusive, just as Rolls-Royce cars are very rare. This is exactly what customers expect, and the proof is the unique and custom-built projects that we had the honor of bringing to reality,” added Kalous.

Rolls-Royce will open a new showroom in Prague in the second quarter, which it is building on the site of the original one in Strašnice. The costs exceed one million euros, i.e. 25 million crowns. It will be the fourth point of sale of the brand in the new design spirit in Europe. Two are in Britain so far and one is in Monaco.

And even though the Specter electric model is doing very well, among other things, in the fact that for forty percent of customers it is their first Rolls-Royce, the representatives of the brand are speaking much more cautiously about an exclusively electric future than at the beginning of last year. This is what the former head of Rolls-Royce – Torsten Müller-Ötvös – said today, that from 2030 the brand will be fully electric. Now Frank Tiemann – head of corporate communications for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, expressed himself in the sense that the twelve-cylinder will remain with them for a very, very long time… Let’s see, in the meantime, in Britain they moved the ban on internal combustion engines from 2030 to 2035, that things won’t be so hot with electromobility, other brands also mention very cautiously. An interesting development.

Rolls-Royce, which belongs to BMW, increased sales worldwide by 0.2 percent to 6,032 new cars last year. The company employs 2,500 people and hired 180 new workers last year.