The Porsche 911 territory is expanding. Now even older models can frolic in the mud and sand.

With the arrival of the new 911 Dakar, Porsche has extended the capabilities of its icon beyond paved roads. The modification and renovation workshop KALMAR Automotive has the same intention, but in its case it is almost a racing car. We write almost, because despite the professional off-road equipment, it remains full of useful value for every day. Thanks to this, it can appeal to an audience with a passion for both driving and collecting.

The latest KALMAR RS-6 project is based on the Porsche 911 generation 996, which was the first to receive a water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine. Since the basic modification price of CZK 1,117,000 does not include the donor car, you can bring the Carrera 2, Carrera 4 and Turbo versions to KALMAR Automotive. The kit is suitable for both automatic and manual transmissions, as well as left- and right-hand drive. In the base, the car is tuned for about 300 hp, but in the highest specification it can produce over 500 hp. For operation in extreme conditions, the cooling circuit has special thermal shielding.

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While the bodywork remains largely stock, much has changed inside the car. At first glance, you can see the 16-inch alloy wheels shod with studded winter tires. That’s because the photos come from a test event for customers who tried the car on frozen Lapland lakes in temperatures reaching -35°C. The Kalmar RS-6 will perform equally well on gravel, road and sand.

Furthermore, the rapid increase in ground clearance to 210 mm cannot be overlooked. This is thanks to a set of “inverted” shocks with a wide range of settings and an in-house designed set of springs. After removing the 5-8 mm chassis protective plates, we can admire the custom upper mounting bushings, stronger drive shaft, limited slip differential and strength struts on the chassis. The one in the rear bumper also functions as a frame with eyes for recovery.

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Enthusiastic drivers who plan more frequent trips with the car on different types of surfaces will appreciate the optional set of adaptive shock absorbers with electronic tilt control. An alternative is a hydraulic kit with the possibility of lowering the car by 50 mm, which is useful for normal trips on the road. Just press the button and wait a few seconds. In essence, you can build an expedition special out of the Kalmar RS-6. The optional rear rack can hold a spare wheel and canisters, and an LED ramp stands proudly on the roof.

Although it is a usable competition vehicle, the interior is not shaved down to the metal. Yes, the unnecessary trim has gone, including the noise insulation, but since a lighter alternative has been used, it still looks pretty cool. Depending on the purpose of the car, various designs of Recaro seats, protective frame and electronics for time and endurance rallies are available for the interior. Of course, you can choose your own color of the body and the form of the sticker. It didn’t seem like it at the beginning, but the rebuild is very complex. It is surprising that the team managed to develop the demonstration car in one year.