How about stealing, so elegantly? This was not the case for the poor owner of an electro-Porsche from Germany.

A very interesting case of light theft appeared on the Reddit discussion boards a few days ago. The owner left his green Taycan Cross Turismo parked on one of the streets in Düsseldorf, Germany. To get the headlights out of the car, the thieves cut the front fenders almost to the windshield and then bent the sheets upwards. It looks like they used tin snips to do it – although the theft must have taken a lot longer with them than with, say, a flexo battery. But apparently they didn’t want to make too much noise.

The Porsche Taycan showed top performance in the moose test.  Despite the high weight, it surpassed even a light sports car

The lights themselves are not cheap at all. Parts marked 9J1-941-681 F and 9J1-941-682 F (left and right light) can be found in the catalog of one of the largest domestic retailers for CZK 85,690 per piece. On the Polish portal Allegro, you can buy used matrycowe reflectors on the Taycan for 6,500 zlotys per piece – that is, roughly 37,000 crowns. Mudguards cost 17,129 CZK twice, and motors and control modules must also be supplied with the lights. This petty theft, which is now being saved by the police, will cost the poor owner a lot of money.