Fifth place among cars. In a class where seventy cars started. You basically don’t need to know more, but there are numbers that might interest and amuse you. Ok lets go!

Photo: Orlen Jipocar ​​Team

Two large inflatable tents form the team’s main facilities. This includes two larger and one smaller truck, a motor home and two passenger cars.

The racing Ford Raptor, which received a new heart in the form of a twice-turbocharged 3.5-liter six-cylinder, drove 4,716 sharp kilometers, a little over eight thousand kilometers in total. This portion includes crossings, but also test drives after each evening service. Prokop and Chytka spent a total of 109 hours in the car during those twelve days, of which 52 hours and 32 minutes, i.e. more than two days, were at full speed. And Shrek burned 4,480 liters of racing gasoline.

Meanwhile, the escort traveled 5,230 kilometers between bivouacs, which means that the three trucks, one camper van and two accompanying cars consumed 5,270 liters of diesel and 1,350 liters of petrol. Fortunately, fuel in Saudi Arabia is considerably cheaper than in our country – gasoline and diesel cost a little over 12 crowns per liter. You can fill up with water here for free at some gas stations or take it from the organizers, drinking water is then more expensive than gasoline. In total, the team used 3,200 liters of water – for showering, washing dishes and laundry.

Yes, for washing. Team manager Quirin Müller also holds the position of laundromat and managed 41 washing machines during the entire Dakar – most of them full of racing overalls and non-flammable laundry. “Because of the Dakar, I have to do laundry at home,” he laughs. Petr Vejvod, who takes care of social networks, was not amused. During the competition alone, the team consumed 1,200 GB of data, created 83 reals and 185 posts on social networks – the most popular is traditionally the one with training to change a tire.

The physical therapist also had to keep records, thanks to which we know that two rolls of tape, one massage cream, three antibiotics, one pack of black coal and painkillers, as well as thirty ampoules of magnesium, 4.5 kg of ionic powder, 1.5 kg of regeneration powder, fifteen nutritional gels, twenty protein bars and fifty-five gels before the performance.

What about the cook? “The supplies were large and we used up almost everything, the guys still have to report to me how much weight they gained,” says team cook Libor Vaněk proudly, alluding to the fact that most Dakar participants mention how much weight they’ve lost. “We had five hundred cans with us, i.e. about half a ton of pre-cooked meals. I cooked ten kilos of rice, fifteen kilos of pasta and one hundred and ninety liters of soup. I bribed sixty cones of dumplings and baked ten loaves of bread. 360 eggs and 2.5 liters of olive and 7 liters of regular oil fell.”

Photo: Orlen Jipocar ​​Team

Martin Prokop checks what will be for dinner. This team only goes to the public canteen for breakfast, but always has dinner together. “On the one hand, we want to make it nice, but above all, we can’t afford to risk someone getting sick,” says Prokop.

And you will certainly be interested in other figures from the kitchen – six hundred non-alcoholic beers, ten kilos of sausages, seven kilos of peanuts and almonds were consumed, as well as six kilos of batons, ten kilos of biscuits, we brewed 1,050 coffees and specially prepared for a few individuals sixty cappuccinos.

But about the car… Compared to the naturally aspirated five-liter, the turbo engine has a slightly higher fuel consumption, but while the daily oil change in the old engine meant twelve liters of oil, now it is only 5.7 liters. Seventy liters of oil fell into the gearbox and differentials – here, too, the rule of daily preventive change applies, because this prevents possible problems, the mechanics can immediately see any pins in the oil.

Photo: Orlen Jipocar ​​Team

The alternator is changed every day, the mechanics rotate three and check or overhaul them each time. “This, as well as the overhaul of the differential, we can probably handle this blindly, but also while waiting for the boys somewhere at the finish line,” laughs Petr Brynda.

And although the team initially struggled with the cooling of the supercharged engine, after the final modifications, the radiator cover had to be covered on the crossings, because otherwise the engine would not even heat up to seventy degrees. “We added two deciliters of coolant for the entire competition,” reports Ivan Matoušek, team engineer, with satisfaction.

In addition to regular servicing, the mechanics once had to change a damaged fender and once the entire suspension on the right rear wheel was changed. “And then just the standard things, like twelve alternator changes, when we rotate three and every day we inspect the used one, clean it, let it rest and then it goes into action again,” laughs Petr Brynda, chief mechanic.

Photo: Orlen Jipocar ​​Team

How many hours did the mechanics spend screwing? “All of them!” they reply in unison.

“We changed a differential twelve times, we did complete half-axles twice, we installed two sets of shock absorbers, we used three complete brakes and an incalculable amount of zip ties fell off. Oh, and we also changed the turbo once and the windshield once. Turbo as a precaution, because we didn’t see it, the window was cracked.” Shrek also ran twenty-two tires at the Dakar, but apart from the punctured ones, all of them will continue to be used in testing.

Many teams also like to report how many gigabytes of data they acquired at the Dakar. So in the case of MP Sports, it’s about a thousand gigabytes just from the onboards. “We analyzed most of it right after the race, we paired it with data from the engine and gearbox, among other things, when we noticed some fluctuating values ​​or the crew reported some problems,” explains Matoušek.

So these are the most interesting numbers that I collected for you at the Dakar at the MP Sports team. If you’re interested in anything else, let me know, we can ask about it and possibly add to it!