Audi has been making fast station wagons for a long time, and even though it had to abandon the famous naturally aspirated eight-cylinder with a volume of 4.2 liters, the new engine has the same power and the torque converter is placed significantly lower. This car just shoots forward, practically whenever you tickle the gas pedal – when I looked at the tables, for example, I found that it accelerates to 100 1.7 seconds faster than the legendary Ferrari Testarossa. And on the wheels, the tires are only 5mm narrower than the original Testarossa had at the rear…

But the Audi RS4 Avant also has smart all-wheel drive, so I didn’t have to worry even on snowy and icy roads – just a little caution and not being convinced of one’s own immortality may not pay off, especially in four-wheelers. After all, the laws of physics apply to everyone. But the sharp Audi always went where I needed to go, and had a lot of fun along the way.

The magic of this car, of course, also lies in the fact that when you are no longer interested in training the crew’s neck muscles during acceleration and braking, you just need to switch the driving mode to comfort, mute the exhaust, switch the gear selector to automatic and you can go on a lot in complete peace and quiet a long journey – and you can have a big dog or a small fridge in the trunk.

Of course, you have to expect a slightly stiffer chassis – you can’t build such a powerful car on soft springs. You can get used to it, though, and the RS4 Avant remains one of the most versatile fun cars you can buy.

Of course, it will cost something – about three million, including equipment, and then every year some service, tires and lots and lots of high-octane gasoline. But it sure is fun! You will see what else I liked and what I stopped at in the video.