Survivors George Carlina filed a lawsuit against the creator of a one-hour comedy special featuring a replica of an American stand-up comedian created by artificial intelligence. The estate of the late comedian, including his daughter Kelly Carlin, filed the lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles. Argues that online media company Dudesywhich released the recording, violated the artist’s right of publicity and infringed copyright.

The video is called George Carlin: I’m glad to be dead and includes an hour-long recording of the comedian, who died in 2008. It must be said that this is not a video, but only sound recording, which is also a bad copy of Carlin’s voice, which was very specific. And the humor doesn’t reach comic quality either (most of the jokes compare Donald Trump to excrement).

Daughter Kelly Carlin wrote that it was “ridiculous to claim that father was resurrected by artificial intelligence” and that the recording was merely “a poorly executed imitation, already glued together by unscrupulous individuals“.

The survivors’ attorney, Josh Schiller, further warned that AI threatens to become “a tool that allows unscrupulous actors to replace creative expression, exploit pre-existing work by creators, and enrich themselves at the expense of others.”

The Dudesey channel that created and posted the video is actually run by a popular comedian Will Sasso the author Chad Kultgen. You didn’t write the said material. According to available information, the artificial intelligence was trained on thousands of hours of Carlin’s output to create a fake recording. However, Sasso and Kultgen are named in the lawsuit. The duo behind Dudes liken AI-created Carlin to an impressionist masquerading as a public figure. Sasso also hinted in a podcast last week that the AI ​​version does not replace the real actor.

The lawsuit demands unspecified damages and the immediate removal of the hour-long recording.