Clarkson, Hammond and May returned from Zimbabwe at the end of November, where they filmed a new episode of The Grand Tour. And it could also be the last, as the future of the show is uncertain.

In theory, this could be the end of the roughly twenty-year long era of cooperation between these quirky personalities. Clarkson, Hammond and May started together in 2003 to present the motoring show Top Gear, which mainly thanks to them gained huge popularity all over the world.

But in 2015, Clarkson left Top Gear after punching a producer over an argument over the unavailability of hot food during filming. Hammond and May also volunteered to follow Jeremy, as did producer Andy Wilman, another key figure in the show’s successful format.

The team was then signed to Amazon, for which they created the show The Grand Tour. In addition, each of the three stars also created their own shows for the American company, for example, Jeremy came up with a popular show about his own farm, James filmed entertaining travelogues from Japan and Italy, and Richard devoted himself to restoring classic cars.

Trailer for The Grand Tour: Eurocrash.Video: Amazon Prime

Now Clarkson himself has commented on the future, and in an interview with The Times of London, he honestly described his view on the whole thing. “I was driving at a higher altitude and further north than anyone else. We’ve already done everything there is to do with cars. When we had meetings, people just raised their hands instead of ideas,” Jeremy said. The team simply ran out of thoughts and ideas.

Another problem is personal. According to Clarkson, filming the travel episodes of The Grand Tour is extremely physically demanding. “And I’m out of shape, fat and old,” said Jeremy, who will turn 64 in April.

So it seems The Grand Tour is indeed coming to an end and the episode filmed in Zimbabwe could be the last. But Clarkson is not saying goodbye to the screens, he still presents the British version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and should continue creating a show about his farm for Prime Video (Amazon).

And working with Hammond and May? In November, it was written that the popular trio, together with producer Wilman, were looking for further opportunities for cooperation with Amazon. So we’ll see…

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