And not only that. Interested parties will be offered a trio of great roadsters in absolutely perfect condition.

In just a few days, one of the biggest automotive events, aimed at veterans, starts in Paris. The Mercedes-Benz Classic will arrive in a strong line-up, led by the rarely seen 300 SL coupe nicknamed Hobel – that is, planer. It was so named because of its characteristically shaped bow. The car is a prototype of an improved racing version of the “gullwing,” which has already done very well in motorsport – think of winning Le Mans or the Carrera Panamericana.

Do you want to drive the Mille Miglia in a Mercedes 300 SL?  The car company will lend it to you with the whole team, but it costs a fortune!

Instead of carburetors, it got direct injection, thanks to which it had 29 kW more, a total of 158 kW. The gearbox is located at the back, it also has a modified chassis and lower weight. The bow with the unusual bend of the front edge of the hood is here to reduce the frontal area. The car was completed in early 1953, however, Mercedes then decided to return to Formula 1 in 1954, so the “planer” ended up not running a single race.

At Retromobile, Mercedes-Benz will be bringing a trio of gorgeous 300 SL Roadsters that you can buy – in absolutely stunning condition, of course. The first is a model from November 1957 with graphite gray paint, which was ordered by only 125 customers during the entire production period of this model. It has a cream interior and was renovated by the Classic division between 2017 and 2023. Another piece was once ordered by a customer from New York with red paint – it came to the Classic division from her granddaughter.

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His renovations took 3,500 hours. The last specimen was picked up in 1963 by an American customer directly in Sindelfingen, then it was bought by a doctor in Oklahoma City in the early 1970s. He drove the car until his death in 1987. The car is in good condition but will require restoration. You can visit Retromobile from January 31 to February 4.