Joe Benarroch, X’s business manager, said the company plans to open a new office in Austin, Texas, for a team dedicated to content moderation. A new team will be formed 100 new full-time employeeswho will focus primarily on stop the dissemination of child sexual exploitation (CSE) material.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino is scheduled to testify before Congress at a hearing on CSE on Wednesday, and the platform late last week published a blog post about its efforts to limit this type of material, saying it was committed to expel from the platform anyone who aims to exploit minors.

According to Bloomberg, Benarroch said that “X does not have a business strategy targeting children, but it is important that they continue to prevent offenders from using the platform to distribute or create any CSE content”.

According to Bloomberg, the team will be looking into and other content issues, such as hate speech containing or inciting violence. It should be added that Elon Musk spent a large part of his first year at Company X taking steps to make the platform the opposite instead of absolute freedom of expressionand abolished the content moderation teams introduced by Twitter.