Kia Czech General Manager Arnošt Barna handed over the car keys to the Kladno striker, and this also happened incidentally in connection with the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the brand’s presence on the Czech market. Kia has been cooperating with Jágr for a long time.

“Mutual satisfaction and respect are important to me in the partnership with Kia. With every car I’ve driven from Kia, whether it was the Stinger, the plug-in hybrid Sorento, the electric Niro, or now the latest EV6, I have had and still have 100% satisfaction. And not only with cars, but also with service. The services provided by Kia are important to me, because I know that whenever I call, I have the guarantee of a handshake.” said Jaromír Jagr.

“The EV9 is bigger than I expected anyway,” he added. The Kia EV9 is a five-meter SUV that can carry up to seven passengers, its electric range reaches up to 563 kilometers, and the maximum power can be up to 384 horsepower. “Once I get used to the car, I can safely drive in the stadium even with our snowmobile, which prepares the ice for us,” he joked that it would be worth measuring the powers of the two vehicles.

“It could be even in this imaginary match. The EV9 has the upper hand in terms of dimensions and equipment, while the EV9 has the upper hand in terms of performance. So the driver would decide, and we’re betting on Jaromír with the EV9 anyway,” Barna responded.

And by the way, you may remember that Jágr also got a first-hand taste of the safety of the Kia electric car. In May 2022, he had an accident with the EV6 model in Prague, when it collided badly with a tram. Nevertheless, he walked away from the wreck without injury.