Fossil is officially calling it quits in the smartwatch industry. After months of speculation about the future of the Wear OS smartwatch line, which hasn’t seen a new 6th generation model since 2021, the company confirmed on Friday that the category completely leaves. Other models will no longer be released, however existing Fossil smartwatches will still receive updatesfor the next few years (the specific time was not specified).

A Fossil spokesperson said the company made a strategic decision to exit the smartwatch business, citing developments in the industry. “The Fossil Group is refocusing resources to support the core strength and core business segments that continue to provide significant growth opportunities: designing and distributing interesting traditional watches, jewelry and leather goods under both own and licensed brands.”

Fossil has recently been tight-lipped about its plans after a steady few years of steady smartwatch releases. This decision will therefore be a disappointment to all those who had their hopes up for the 7th generation model. Even though Fossil smartwatches have been known to struggle with battery life issues in particular, they are some of the nicest on the market.