The new technology of Korean brands is called Active Air Skirt (AAS). These are active aerodynamic elements that reduce the air resistance created during fast driving, which should increase the range of the electric car and increase its stability at the same time.

How does it all work? The AAS system is located between the front bumper and the front wheels of the vehicle. It is hidden when driving slower, but when the driver drives 80 km/h more (at which point aerodynamic drag begins to exceed rolling resistance), the elements of the system slide out and improve aerodynamics. When decelerating below 70 km/h, it returns to its original position.

A specific feature of this active aerodynamics is the fact that it does not cover the entire width of the nose, but only the front part of the tires. This is related to the properties of the E-GMP electric platform, where, due to the flat floor, it was enough to cover only the area of ​​the wheels for more efficient properties.

Foto: Hyundai

Active Air Skirt technology is supposed to bring the greatest benefit to SUVs with higher ground clearance. According to the creators, it can go into production immediately, in South Korea and the USA, Hyundai is already dealing with the necessary patents, and further tests are planned.

In addition, the innovation can be active at speeds over 200 km/h, thanks to the rubber material used in the lower part. This reduces the risk of damage to the retractable elements by splashed water or external objects.

Car companies are already testing this solution in practice and have already seen the first results. According to engineers, the AAS system was able to reduce the drag coefficient Cx by 0.008, reducing drag by 2.8 percent. Does that sound insignificant? Well, in the case of an electric car, this means extending the range by up to six kilometers. And mile after mile…