It was not so long ago that the Geneva Motor Show was one of the most prestigious and spectacular automotive events. However, the popularity of mass car shows began to decline years ago (brands prefer private events where the competition does not steal their attention), but the biggest blow to the festival was the coronavirus pandemic.

But the organizers did not give up on the Geneva Motor Show and prepared its return after a four-year hiatus. But it looks like it won’t be nearly as spectacular as originally planned. The published list of exhibitors only includes very few important car companies that would make the trip worthwhile for journalists and fans.

The largest European car manufacturer at the exhibition center will be Renault, which has been one of the few not to begrudge auto shows in recent years. It will be complemented by Dacia, which will surely boast a new generation of Duster. It would be assumed that the thrown gauntlet will be used by Chinese brands following the example of previous years, but even for them the event is no longer such an attraction. Actually, only MG and BYD will show their news.

Photo: GIMS

Waiting for hot news to be revealed right on the spot took its toll. Online premieres are a trend.

The list of participants continues with Isuzu, Lucid, Microlino and Pininfarina. So a total of eight “real” cars, but we can seriously take at most five of them.

So that the Geneva Motor Show does not end in a complete fiasco, the organizers are trying to fill the free areas of the exhibition center with another accompanying program. For example, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) will be presented, you will also be able to buy official clothes and other Formula 1 souvenirs. Some of the classics will also be shown, from the opposite spectrum we will mention the electric mobility solution of the future.

Photo: GIMS

The organizers try to attract visitors to a diverse accompanying program.

This year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show will take place from February 26 to March 3, 2024. Together with it, the announcement of the European Car of the Year (COTY) will return to its traditional location. Among the big players, the German premium three will not participate, but neither will Volkswagen, Škodovka or even the Stellantis concern. At the same time, they have plenty of news… Well, new times.