The new Frontera should represent a compact SUV, with which the German automaker will probably replace the outgoing Crossland model. Practically, it should therefore be his successor, but it will bear a different – old – designation.

And then there is one more fundamental change – the new Opel Frontera should be available exclusively with an electric drive. However, other models of the Stellantis concern were already supposed to be exclusively electric, and in the end they received combustion units…

Opel accompanied the official information on the revival of the Frontera name with two trailers, which lightly hint at the design of the compact SUV. Compared to the current Crossland, the exposed silhouette shows more angular shapes with a spoiler extending beyond the rear window.

It started in the nineties

The first generation of Opel Frontera was introduced in the early nineties, the Germans built the SUV on a frame chassis in cooperation with Isuzu. The range of engines was quite diverse, in addition to countless gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines, the model also offered a 3.2-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 205 horsepower.

Over time, the offer was supplemented by a three-door Sport version, the modernization brought coil springs and stronger brakes. From 1998, the second generation was sold (also in a shorter three-door version), which said goodbye to the car market twenty years ago. And the successor will be waiting until now.

Photo: Opel

The contemporary Frontera was not afraid of the terrain either.

The second photo gives a glimpse of the front of the car, which is solid, has diode lighting technology and boasts the new Opel emblem (labeled Blitz), which – wow, wonder – shows lightning.

The automaker says that the novelty will be the first model of the brand, which will be made in a bold and clean design philosophy, which designers will gradually begin to apply to other cars as well. The creators also promise a high level of space and versatility. The car is intended to appeal mainly to customers with an active lifestyle, but also to larger families.

We will have to wait for more information and details, as well as the reveal of the appearance. Opel has not yet revealed more.

Well-known virtual artist and designer Lars Sältzer (acting on Instagram under the name LARSONdesign), who regularly tries to guess the design of upcoming automotive innovations, however, offers his own vision suggesting how the new Frontera could look.

Lars equipped his concept with the aforementioned more angular and more practically shaped body and added elements typical of modern Opel cars. These are dominated by the characteristic front mask, which is smoothly followed by minimalistic headlights.

In an interesting way, the designer handled the rear parts, which are particularly interesting due to the design of the wide C-pillars and the rendering of the lamps. The lamps have a distinctive shape and are connected by a bar with a relatively small Opel inscription. The classic logo of the brand is otherwise missing on the back.

We should probably find out how much Lars hit reality soon, as Opel promises new information within the next few weeks.