A visit to the Polish metropolis offered one of the first opportunities to see the new Toyota Camry with one’s own eyes. We had to settle for a single pre-production piece – it’s still a hot item, after all, serial production will start in the summer and the first pieces will appear on Czech roads before the end of this year. Still, we had enough time to find out what all had changed. And there’s not a lot of it!

Face concept

With the latest models, Toyota set out to meet the extravagant style. The new C-HR already looks like a bold concept for the year 2030, and the appearance of the ninth generation Camry is in a similar spirit. The wide bow is supposed to resemble a hammerhead shark, the distinctive sign of the new product is the narrow, sharply bent LED headlights.

Foto: Toyota

Familiar silhouette, but completely new front and rear. The Camry now attracts much more attention on the road than its more settled predecessor.

The typical silhouette remains for the sedan. The car even has the same wheelbase, but thanks to the overhangs, it is thirty-five millimeters longer. The Camry is offered exclusively as a hybrid, the consumption of which, among other things, is reduced even by the smallest aerodynamic details. The new generation has, for example, more sloping front pillars or more discreet door handles. Even the wipers have been moved a little lower to cover them under the hood and allow air to flow more easily.

Hybrid for the fifth time

Hybrid drive is synonymous with the Toyota brand, and the ninth Camry is no exception. The flagship sedan received its fifth generation, which has a new bipolar li-ion battery, but also a redesigned electric motor, generator and transmission. It thus promises lower internal losses, more compact dimensions and lower weight.

At the heart of it all is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that, in combination with electricity, delivers a maximum output of 231 horsepower, or six percent more than before. With the new drive, the car is more nimble – it reaches 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds (four tenths less than its predecessor), but it still promises a nice consumption of 5.1 l/100 km.

Foto: Toyota

Hybrid is already the only choice for Camry everywhere in the world. Unlike us, only the Americans can pay extra for a 4×4 drive.

Modern, elegant

Changes in the cabin are also welcome. The first time you sit down, you will be greeted by a pleasant atmosphere underlined by the choice of higher quality materials. However, it was not only the processing that was worked on, but also the overall arrangement. The central screen no longer protrudes significantly above the instrument panel, but is part of it. The design plastic part on the instrument panel is supposed to resemble a guitar fingerboard. Sitting in front is comfortable, ergonomics at a very good level. With a height of 178 cm, I don’t have a problem even in the back, but basketball players will still find it a bit more pleasant to travel in the bloated Superb.

Foto: Toyota

The new voice assistant understands instructions in the Czech language. On board, you can spoil yourself with, for example, a premium JBL audio system with nine speakers, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless mirroring are a matter of course.

As standard, the Camry has a seven-inch TFT display in the hood. In higher versions, it is replaced by a 12.3″ instrument panel, the central infotainment screen has the same size. The latter is connected to the Internet, so the built-in navigation has immediate traffic information and all updates are done wirelessly. But the most striking technological innovation is definitely the digital key. You only need a mobile app to enter and start, through which up to five users can share access to the car. But don’t worry, the classic key is still available.

The last of its kind

Toyota emphasized several times during the presentation that the Camry is the last car of its kind in Europe. No other mainstream brand offers a traditional sedan of this category anymore, similar competition can only be found in the premium segment. At the same time, you wouldn’t find any other car in the class with a hybrid drive.

As we said in the introduction, the ninth generation Camry will arrive on the Czech market before the end of the year, pre-orders will start in the spring. By then, we will also know the complete price list. An aging Camry usually cost around one million here, but now you can get the car in a sale for a significantly more attractive 840,000 CZK. In our opinion, the price list of more modern and equipped new products will start slightly above one million.

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