With a delay of a year and a half, the commercial version of the popular Connect is also coming to the market. It certainly won’t surprise you, but just like the Tournea Connect, it served as the basis for the Caddy from Volkswagen, as the two automakers have agreed on a broad collaboration. However, Ford has taken care to differentiate its model, so you will find elements that VW customers must be satisfied with.

But let’s start with the most important thing – weights and measures. Ford will offer the Transit Connect in two sizes, with the standard wheelbase version (designated L1) accommodating up to 3.1m3 and the version with an extended wheelbase (L2) even up to 3.7 m3. The maximum load should be up to 820 kg, and you can pull up to 1,500 kg on the ball (depending on the variant and configuration).

Photo: Ford

The Transit Connect transports two pallets without any problems.

Another two choices are offered by the layout of the cabin, either you can have a two-seater Van or a five-seater Kombi. At the same time, the station wagon has a revolutionary concept of flexible seats, which you can easily fold down and thus expand the cargo space up to 2.5 m3 (L1), resp. 3,1 m3 (L2). A great feature is the folding backrest of the passenger seat, which can serve as a work and storage area.

Photo: Ford

The flexible rear seats of the Kombi version allow you to choose between passenger and cargo transport.

We are all Transit

The name of the iconic model has become the name of the entire family of vans for Ford. How to know about it? It starts from the smallest Courier, continues through the Connect to the Custom, which is the direct successor of the real Transit, and ends with the big Transit. All models are highly variable and there are also “civilian” versions labeled Tourneo instead of Transit.

Photo: Ford Transit

The largest models of the Transit family: Custom and Transit.

Comfort was not forgotten in the cabin either. So you have a 10-inch instrument panel complementing the 10-inch touchscreen infotainment with a wide range of mobile connectivity options (wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay plus inductive charging) and online functionality (including a link to the Ford Pro app). The USB-C ports offer a power of up to 45 W, so it’s no problem to charge tablets or laptops (you can then connect hand tools to the socket in the cargo area). If you wish, you can also sit in seats with AGR certification so that your back doesn’t hurt even after a hard day’s work behind the wheel.

Photo: Ford

In the cabin you will find comfort almost like in a passenger car.

There is also a package of safety assistants to make driving easier, including an emergency braking system to prevent collisions with cars in front of you and a rear camera with a cross-traffic alert system so you don’t hit anything even when backing up. Transit Connect can also help with reversing with a trailer, the sophisticated assistant uses sensors and a rear camera to direct the driver accordingly, then it is enough to guide the trailer using the control wheel and digital display instead of the steering wheel.

Photo: Ford

The folding backrest of the passenger seat creates a working space. Clever!

The range of engines includes a two-liter EcoBlue turbodiesel in 102-horsepower variants with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive, a more powerful 122-horsepower engine is always connected to four-wheel drive, and there is a choice of a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

But Ford is more proud of the completely new plug-in hybrid drive, which you already know well from the Superb/Kodiaq and Passat/Tiguan. The base is a turbocharged fifteen-cylinder engine connected to an electric motor with a combined output of 150 horsepower and a torque of 350 Nm. The battery offers a purely electric range of up to 110 km and can be charged with a quick charger with a power of 50 kW or a classic AC 11 kW. Even with this efficient drive, it does not lose its utility, because it handles loads of up to 770 kg and tows a trailer weighing up to 1,400 kg.

Ford will offer its Transit Connect in three different trims (the purely work Trend, the more handsome Limited and the Active-inspired SUV), all of which will be produced at the Poznań plant in Poland. Orders will open already this spring, and the first cars will arrive to customers in the summer.