Hra Dave the Diver coming to PS5 and PS4 after releasing on PC in June and arriving on Switch in late October. This 2023 breakout hit won Indie Game of the Year at The Game Awards and was included in Engadget’s Best Games of 2023. It will arrive on Sony consoles in April and it will be followed by the Godzilla crossover DLC in May.

In the game, you will be a pro during the daynavigate a vast underwater world full of mysteries and run a sushi restaurant at night. As Engadget’s Lawrence Bonk wrote, “The daytime adventures are something of an underwater Metroidvania, while the nighttime restaurant management is a combination of a Kairosoft simulation and the arcade classic Tapper.” Although it may sound a little strange, the truth is that the combination works perfectly.

Sony boasts that the game supports DualSense technology. “The controller’s haptics offer a realistic feel like a hook pulling a fish on a line,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Adaptive triggers react differently depending on which weapon you’re using, making combat and fishing even more realistic.”

As for the Godzilla DLC, we don’t know much yet other than what it will bring great monsters lurking in the depths. You can watch the trailer for Dave the Diver on PlayStation below, including a brief taste of Godzilla at the end.


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