The Pew Research Center released a survey of social media use among American adults. Although YouTube and Facebook maintain a dominant position, so the fastest growing platform has become TikTok, which is now used by more than a third of adults.

5,733 American adults participated in the survey. The most used platform was YouTube, watched by 83% of respondents. 68% of users said they use Facebook. These two platforms are the only ones used by the majority of people across all age demographics. Even so, there are differences – YouTube is watched by 93% of people aged 18 to 29, while in the 65+ category it was only 60%.

Instagram ranked third with 47%. Pinterest (35%), TikTok (33%), LinkedIn (30%), WhatsApp (29%) and Snapchat (27%) came next. TikTok is growing the fastest: the ByteDance-owned platform shot up 12 percentage points from 21% two years ago. The last places were occupied by X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit with 22%.

Other platforms with a significant difference in user age include Instagram (used by 78% of users under the age of 29 and only 15% of users in the 65+ category) and Snapchat (which is used by 65% ​​of users under 30 and only 4% of users in the 65+ category). The 40 to 49 demographic, which includes younger Gen Xers and all millennials, is particularly high on LinkedIn (40%), WhatsApp (38%) and Facebook (75%).