For a very fair price there is a red devil on brands. And really funny brands.

The branded racing series Ferrari Challenge was created in 1993. It originally started with the 348 Challenge model, from 1995 the 355 Challenge started, and in 2000 the drivers switched to the 360 ​​Modena Challenge.

The Modena had a hair more powerful engine than the road version (306 kW instead of 294 kW), but the weight dropped from 1365 kilograms to 1169 kilograms. Aero features have been added, including a large rear wing, Brembo brakes with floating two-piece discs, a lighter exhaust without active flaps, adjustable shock absorbers, racing ABS and much more. From the inside, on the other hand, noise reduction, airbags, air conditioning, radio, electrically retractable windows have disappeared – everything unnecessary that you won’t use on the track.

Ferrari will offer the special 499P from LeMans to a limited group of customers.  It will be even better than the original

Up to 300 racing versions are said to have been built, with one piece now available in the UK. It arrived in Europe in 2020, underwent a complete service by the ICS Motorsport specialists and also received an immobilizer – it only starts with a keyless button. And what’s best – the car is registered for operation.

The owner is selling the car due to lack of use and would like to give it to someone who will appreciate it properly. In the advertisement on the Pistonheads server, he points out that it is not a 360 with a few better parts, but a thoroughbred racer that is also a lot of fun on the road. The price is 99,950 pounds, or roughly three million crowns. But it does not include the registration mark LA54GNE – here the owner is willing to sell it separately.