Although this year’s Dakar was the very last for the first Škoda 130 LR of pilot Ondřej Klymčiw, the car served its last year very dramatically and for a good cause. Both during and after the Dakar, the East Bohemian pilot collected money for the Paraple Center, which helps people with spinal cord injuries.

The limit was set at a magical million, which was reached on the last day, January 31, 2024. We got in touch with Ondra by phone and he told us that a fan had contacted him that morning and asked how much was missing from the million. However, tens of thousands were missing, but the unknown person told Ondra that he would simply get the money and that he was also going to alert his friends.

Photo: Škoda at the Dakar

There is something to celebrate, Klymčiw raised a million for the Paraple Center with the Dakar Škoda.

The principle of the so-called deus ex machina came into play, which is a situation from ancient Greek dramas, when the plot reached an unsolvable end, and so a god suddenly appeared on a flying machine and put the situation in order. In our case, the so-called DMS or donor SMS were credited. And they are credited once a month, usually at the end of it.

And so it happened, i.e. the last money up to a million was missing, but after crediting DMS (and perhaps also payment from that fan), the limit of one million crowns for the Paraple Center was truly conquered.

So all that remains is to thank everyone who contributed to this project, supported it or otherwise participated in its promotion. Škoda number 1 thus goes to the hall of fame with a centerpiece and a great good deed signed by all involved. But what’s next? That Škoda number 2…?