Many still remember the embarrassment at the launch of the “revolutionary” electric car VW ID.3. The German brand had grandiose plans at the time – a price at the level of the diesel Golf and the conviction of the masses that an electric car could be the right thing for them. But the “troika” was not exactly complete, and the view of customers remained rather skeptical.

Cut to eight years later, the freshest news arrives on the scene. And as we could see for ourselves during the Czech premiere, the ID.7 limousine is like from another world.

Sleek elegance

The new flagship has a length of almost five meters and a wheelbase of 2966 mm, which is 125 millimeters more than the latest Passat Variant. It is characterized by extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency, the drag coefficient is only 0.23, which is mainly helped by the low body structure. In terms of design, however, don’t expect any wildness, the ID.7 is a smooth, non-conflicting car, whose more decent concept is only broken by the rear horizontal bar with light animations.

Inside, the electric car mainly scores points with its exemplary space – even 190 cm tall people can sit in both rows with a reserve in front of their knees and above their heads – but also with modern technologies on board. The “seven” gets a brand new infotainment system with a 15″ screen, which has a high-quality display and responds immediately to finger touches. You would look for buttons in the cabin in vain, the vast majority of functions are controlled via the display. But, for example, the bar below it for setting the temperature and volume is finally backlit. Three cheers!

Photo: Volkswagen

A head-up display that projects important information onto the windshield is standard on all trim levels. Thanks to this, it doesn’t matter at all that the digital shield in the chapel is very, very small. Also new is the more sophisticated voice control of IDA. It can, for example, activate a special darkening layer of the glass roof.

Technical revival

The Volkswagen ID.7 comes with new electric technology, which is gradually making its way into the brand’s smaller electric cars as well. One electric motor on the rear axle with a power of 210 kW and 545 newton meters of torque is standard. The battery with a capacity of 77 kWh promises a range of 621 kilometers, but the novelty does not end there.

In the future, the offer will be expanded to include a GTX four-wheeler with a power of 250 kW. During this year, a variant with a larger 86kWh battery will arrive, which promises a range of up to 700 kilometers on a single charge. The biggest ace up the sleeve (not only) for Czech customers will definitely be ID. Tourer, i.e. a derived station wagon with a larger trunk.

Photo: Volkswagen

Current designs charge up to 170kW, with a larger battery you should reach a maximum of 200kW. Decent values, considering that Volkswagen bets “only” on a 400V on-board network. The slower AC charger (pictured) has an output of 11 kW.

Electric roadster

During the national premiere, together with other journalists, we got the opportunity to take the first ride. So far, it was just a rough ride, a handful of the first tens of kilometers, but we can already boast of some knowledge. It probably won’t surprise you that even with one electric motor, the “seven” can be nimble not only from a standstill, but also when connecting to the highway. It does not lack élan, at higher cruising speeds it also scores with sound insulation and, despite the large wheels (nineteen to twenty inches), exemplary driving comfort.

After less than an hour of driving (a mix of city, district, but largely also highway), the consumption in temperatures slightly above zero stabilized at 22 kWh/100 km. At the same time, we enjoyed the acceleration several times with full gulps and did not take the economy of operation into account. On longer journeys it will certainly be possible to get below 20, in real traffic the car should cover 400 to 500 kilometers without any problems, depending on the outdoor conditions.

Photo: Volkswagen ID.7

The car comfortably overcomes the unevenness of the Czech districts. Any weak points? Maybe just more withdrawn steering and weaker braking effect. The pedal needs to be stepped on really thoroughly.

Now in action!

The new ID.7 is certainly the best electric car Volkswagen has ever built. It managed to catch the flies of its smaller siblings, in terms of technology and technique it is a seriously successful car. Which you can also buy now at a special price…

You can buy the electric novelty on the Czech market from 1,479,900 CZK, and as VW advises, it reaches the level of the similarly equipped internal combustion Arteon. However, we would recommend reaching for the discounted People equipment, which is 52,000 more expensive, but includes additional items worth CZK 188,700. For example, Matrix LED headlights, heated steering wheel, more comfortable seats or built-in navigation.