It is generally true about large SUV coupes that you pay more for less space, which is also the case with BMW, because you will pay less than a hundred thousand more for the modernized X6 M than for the more practical X5 M. Furthermore, the SUV six will offer a slightly sportier design, although compensated by 70 liters smaller suitcase with a total volume of 580 liters.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

A sloping rear means less space in the back, less space in the trunk, but not a lower price.

With its overall design, the car demonstrates its brutal masculinity, so that even a bodybuilder doped with steroids and growth hormones would not be ashamed of it. In short, the massive kidneys at the front, the wide lower mask and the bumper aerodynamic elements in themselves scream “power” in a demonic voice!

Then there’s the sideline, which wouldn’t be anything special if it weren’t for the 21-inch wheels up front and 22-inch wheels at the rear. With the profiles 295/35 ZR21 and 315/30 ZR22, these are very low-profile reinforced tires, where the branded (non-BMW authorized) front tires cost around CZK 6,000 per piece, while the rear ones cost around CZK 8,000 per piece, according to internet prices. And we are talking about e-shop prices reduced to a minimum. However, the saying applies here that whoever wants to have a monkey (here rather King Kong Junior) must have bananas.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The rear part with elongated lamps also looks muscular.

Finally, the rear part, which is the most specific, especially with its strangely shaped elongated lamps. Add to that a set of pleasantly noisy exhausts and a rear spoiler, thanks to which the image of this heavy, highly sporty SUV, which is a bit of an oxymoron, is complete.

When luxury plays prim

The interior is in a similar spirit, so you will be welcomed inside by luxurious anatomical sports seats with extensive electrical settings, heating, massage and ventilation. And again, they go against the philosophy of sports cars, where weight is the issue. With these seats, weight is the last thing the manufacturer would care about.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The interior is tailored to be a BMW M model.

Since it is a genuine M model, the center console is also adapted to this, where the specific shift lever of the eight-speed automatic transmission with six shift modes has its place. There is also a button to open the flaps in the exhaust, so that the car makes a nicer and louder roar.

Finally, there is also the M drive mode configurator button, where you can preset two travel modes and then activate them with the red switches on the steering wheel. Just one click and the opulent X6 M beast is suddenly an enraged demon brimming with motoring testosterone.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The gear lever and center console are also specific to the M model.

The instrument panel with the M motif and display of the currently used gear and transmission mode is also specific. The instrument panel is also associated with the display of the info system with the iDrive interface, which has already opted for an icon system similar to the Active Tourer and other new models. There are of course a few settings here to suit the fact that it’s an X6, and in top M Competition trim too.

Inside the car, we appreciate the high level of ergonomics and the preservation of physical buttons for selected functions, however, BMW is slowly abandoning this in newer models, for example in the 7er, which is rather unpleasant. The color head-up display, online navigation HERE (former Nokia company) and the gradually deployed augmented reality, which will show you where to go with the help of the front camera and virtual arrows during navigation, are also great.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

It is no less luxurious in the back, only for taller people there will be a lack of headroom.

It’s no less luxurious at the back, although there are noticeably fewer buttons and various toys. Because of the sloping rear, there is less headroom, but you can still enjoy the panoramic roof with colored backlighting.

Against the SUV philosophy

However, the real experience of the car is the drive, which starts with pressing the brake and pressing the red start button. That’s when the front-mounted twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 starts to sing, and a message pops up on the instrument panel that full power will soon be available.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The one on top is the carbon engine cover. It costs over 30,000 CZK.

That means a maximum output of 625 horsepower and 750 Nm to go with it, all sent through the previously mentioned sports automatic eight-wheel drive to all four wheels, and additionally supported by 48-volt mild-hybrid technology, which helps the car with a comical 12 ponies and 200 Nm of torque. De facto, there is a mild-hybrid only so that the car has a smaller emission footprint, which real M car owners are probably as interested in as video game players are about traffic lights in Grand Theft Auto.

However, the roar of the exhaust is not the only thing that catches your eye while driving. Even before you taste the main thing, you realize how the car is soundproofed and free of unwanted vibrations, which must have given the engineers from Munich a solid job.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The lovely sound of a roaring eight-cylinder comes from the exhausts.

After all, moving this almost 2.5-ton mass of steel muscle without the car taking off, vibrating like an adult toy, or causing the crew to go deaf due to the acoustic noise is truly a feat. Now consider that the model shoots from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and continues up to 250 km/h, optionally 290 km/h, where the electronic limiter intervenes.

All this comfort, acoustic isolation and other suppression of unwanted noise, together with premium audio, results in one thing – social isolation. The perception of speed, in particular, is suppressed in the car, so you can easily get carried away and become intoxicated by speed, which can have bad consequences in addition to the release of endorphins.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The cabin is soundproofed and insulated. The perception of speed inside is a bit distorted.

However, this brings us to the heart of the matter. A heavy sports SUV with an adequately stiff chassis for a car goes against the philosophy of an SUV in itself. In addition, it is a model with a cut back, so we are talking about less space and that doesn’t make much sense either.

Turns? Thanks to the fact that the car is studded with stabilizers, equipped with an adaptive chassis and has many times better computing power than the best (and biggest) Soviet computer, you have the chance to enjoy the district in a royal way, but you still have to keep in mind the huge weight, which makes it easier to pull the string and you will fall under the influence of the laws of physics, which are just and uncompromising.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The BMW X6 M Competition can corner, but you have to pay close attention to its high weight.

Honestly, a skilled chauffeur and a lighter sports car can seriously torment or outright crush even the driver of such a technological mastodon as the X6 M Competition, which definitely does not belong in the hands of children and idiots. Just like matches.

Secret offer to increase speed

This item is not available in the official configurator, but you can get it from an authorized BMW dealer. If you pay about 50,000 extra for the M Driver’s Package for the X6 M, you will not only get an increase in the maximum speed from 250 km/h to 290 km/h, but also a voucher to drive on the circuit to try out what your car can do. Attention, the maximum lock is unlocked only after the first service after driving, i.e. at 2,000 km.

A car for two things

Are you also thinking that this car is actually for two things? We agree! The X6 M Competition can more or less “only” drive straight and fast, but it absolutely excels in this field. All you have to do is tickle the gas, think for a while, and the numbers on the digital speedometer will easily catch up to the permitted speed limits.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

Grab the steering wheel, this is not a car, but an obese fighter on wheels.

You blink a few times and the car reaches highway speed. Do you need to overtake? Anytime, and it doesn’t matter if you’re speeding at 90 or 190 km/h. The car still has plenty of power, and it can transfer it in an absolutely grandiose way, especially in a straight line.

In terms of consumption, the car consumes about 15 liters of gasoline with an octane number of at least 98 per hundred kilometers. The fuel tank can hold 83 liters of this life-giving liquid, so expect to visit the pump every 500 km.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

The car also has programmable M driving settings.

The BMW X6 M Competition is actually like that professor whom no one likes, but he is the best in his field. And so he can afford to be promoted. And the knowledge that you have so many horses under your right foot, so much power, all backed by a lovely roar from the exhaust? This really leads to motoring vices.

Sure, you can say that you’ll save your speed pleasures until Germany, where you can legally take it up to 290 km/h on sections with unlimited speed. But, can all users really endure it? This car is just a real threat to your driver’s license and should come with a warning from the Ministry of Transport.

You can buy the sharp BMW X6 xDrive in the “children’s” M60i version with a 530-horsepower eight-cylinder engine for a price starting at CZK 2,748,200, which means you can go for the 625-horsepower full-fat X6 M Competition for CZK 3,863,600. If you would like a specification similar to that of the tested car, then prepare the amount of CZK 4,572,026.

Specifications BMW X6 M Competition
Motor gasoline fork eight cylinder
Supercharging 2x turbocharger
Fuel benzene, min. N98
Displacement volume 4,395 cm3
Performance 460 kW (625 hp) at 6,000 rpm.
Torque 750 Nm at 1,800-5,800 rpm
Electrification 48V MHEV/12 k, 200 Nm
Transmission automatic, 8 degrees
Tree cars attachable 4×4
Standby weight 2 445 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3,9 s
Maximal speed 250 (290) km/h
Consumption (combination) 12,7–2,9/100 km
Fuel tank volume 83 l
Wheels and tires 295/35 ZR21, 315/30 ZR22
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4 948/2 019/1 695 mm
Wheelbase 2 972 mm
light height 212 mm
Volume of the luggage compartment 580/1 530 l