YouTube has reached a new milestone in your Premium subscription. This subscription has been purchased since January of this year more than 100 million users, including users who have opted for a free trial for the time being. It is an increase of 20 million members in just over a year, which means that as of September 2021, that number has doubled. YouTube is managing to grow its numbers despite a $2-a-month increase in the price of its Premium service that was introduced last summer.

It’s unclear how many people actually use the service YouTube Music (Premium includes access to this service). However, the truth is that the music streaming service has significantly fewer paid users than Spotify, which had 220 million Premium members as of September 30. Apple no longer discloses the number of Apple Music subscribers. The last number the company reported for the service was 60 million subscribers in 2019.

Regardless, YouTube’s paid service is hard to compare with Apple Music and Spotify Premium. YouTube Premium is to a large extent standalone platform with many benefits, which can make it hard to go back to the ad-riddled free version of the service after you’ve purchased Premium. The ability to download videos for offline viewing and the background playback feature are very useful. YouTube Music is just another added benefit for many users.