Before we offer you the answer, let’s look at some other stories and interesting facts. We can start with sales and production.

Which Škoda model was produced the most?

The greatest success in terms of cars produced and sold was achieved by the Octavia model, which gradually became the brand’s best-selling representative. In four generations, 7.2 million units were produced by the end of 2023, and production continues. At the beginning of 2024, the modernized Octavia of the fourth generation will arrive. Until then, the 105/120 series led the way with more than two million copies.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Škoda Octavia of the fourth generation still in the version before the facelift

Which new Škoda is the cheapest?

If you want to have a new Skoda at home for a few crowns, you can go for a small model. The cheapest Citigo on the automaker’s e-shop is CZK 259, while the fourth-generation Fabia starts at CZK 539. But there are also veterans on offer, for example the 860 from 1932, the classic “em-béčko” or “stodvacítka”. As far as actual vehicles are concerned, the cheapest is the Fabia, which currently starts at CZK 369,900.

Photo: Škoda Auto

You can buy a Skoda Fabia for a few hundred.

And which one is the most expensive?

The most expensive is the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 competition special, which costs approximately ten times the price of a regular Fabia. It is an all-wheel drive machine with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 291 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. The engine is based on the well-known 2.0 TSI engine of the VW concern and transmits power to both axles via a five-speed sequential gearbox. The Fabia RS Rally2 is available to racing teams from all over the world.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 established itself very quickly on the special stages!

Which Škoda is/was the fastest of all?

The fastest Skoda of all time was the Octavia. But special. In 2011, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the British importer introduced a specially modified version of the Octavia with around 550 horsepower. This vehicle reached a speed of 325 km/h, making it the fastest car with the winged arrow logo in the history of the car manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav. Later, they managed to beat this record by another 40 km/h.

This exceptional Octavia, derived from the RS model, is equipped, among other things, with a brake parachute. Its engine comes from the Octavia RS (2.0 TFSI), but received a new Garett turbocharger, intercooler and other components. Thanks to these modifications, it reaches between 550 and 600 horsepower and has a torque of 450 Nm. 120 octane gasoline is used as fuel. The original goal was to reach a speed of 200 miles per hour, which is 322 km/h. However, on the sixth attempt, the Octavia reached a speed of 325 km/h (202 mph).

But that was not enough for the team. In the next attempt, they reached a speed of 365 km/h, making the Octavia the fastest mass-produced car with a two-liter turbo engine and at the same time the fastest car of the car manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav. Richard Meaden of Evo magazine was behind the wheel during both attempts.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Skoda Octavia on the salt flats of Bonneville, Utah.

Who does Laura’s voice belong to?

Finally, a bonbon from the modern, digital age. Did you listen to the honey voice of the virtual assistant Laura? If you’re thinking of a date, we’re going to disappoint you. Laura’s voice is artificially generated and is common to all languages ​​spoken by the assistant.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Infotainment in a Škoda car.