KW automotive offers chassis kits for already 50 electric cars. Now he has accepted the Kia EV6 into the fold in the fastest GT made.

Especially in the case of sports models, automakers tweak their chassis to perfection, but due to standards and regulations, they often had to make compromises. In this respect, external specialists have a freer hand, so if the factory assembly does not suit you, a solution can be found. Perhaps you will end up at KW automotive, because their product range is unprecedentedly wide and includes veterans.

With the transformation of the automotive industry, the manufacturer from Fichtenberg, Germany, also faced a challenge in the form of electric cars. It currently offers kits for 50 battery models, with the latest addition being the Kia EV6 GT, for which it has chosen the KW V3 kit.

The Cupra Leon with its gigantic wing is the fastest front wheel on the famous circuit.  You can have it too

It is available on the website for the equivalent of CZK 82,000. In an electric car with all-wheel drive, a power of 430 kW and a torque of 740 Nm, thanks to the multi-valve architecture, it strengthens the neutral expression and makes the reactions to the driver’s commands more precise. All this while maintaining comfort on bumps, even with a manually adjustable lowering of 20 to 45 mm.

From a design point of view, this is an analog kit, but an electronic control unit is sold with it. But most customers probably won’t use it. In addition to the height, you can adjust the compression and rebound on the shock absorbers. The rest of the properties are fixed from the factory, according to the manufacturer’s ideal configuration for a specific model.

The terms “low speed” and “high speed” are used for a better understanding of the operation of the piston rod and the correct setting. The first, in the case of a shock absorber, work with forces generated by driving, for example acceleration, braking and cornering. The second involves sudden shocks caused by potholes and uneven surfaces.

On the Kia EV6 GT, KW automotive presents its kit in combination with 22-inch BBS CC-R Unlimited wheels. Thanks to the positive offset of 49 mm at the front and 42 mm at the rear, they ideally fill the wheel arches and enhance the impression of lowering the car.

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