The team behind the show revealed that the new episode will appear on Prime Video on February 16 and will be subtitled Sand Job. We are said to be looking forward to an adventure taking place in the Sahara desert.

The trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May together with the film crew visited the African countries of Mauritania and Senegal, where they allegedly traveled in the footsteps of the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally.

The journey should start in the longest train in the world, but of course cars will also play a big role. Clarkson, Hammond and May completed the route in challenging terrain and extreme climatic conditions in modified sports cars.

A small hint of what we can expect is offered by the opening credits sequence, which was posted on his Instagram profile by producer Andy Wilman.

The Grand Tour: Sand Job.Video: Instagram/Andy Wilman

The most recent episode of The Grand Tour premiered last June. Titled Eurocrash, the episode followed the struggles of the popular trio as they traveled over 2,200 kilometers across Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Photo: Prime Video

The Grand Tour: Sand Job.

Thus, the farewell to The Grand Tour should be represented by an episode taking place in Zimbabwe, the filming of which took place last year.