The points system has been operating in the Czech Republic since the summer of 2006. Even though it has undergone a number of changes during that time, most recently on New Year’s Day 2024, it is still true that the driver loses his driver’s license when points are collected (collecting 12 points). The number of points, which are usually awarded together with fines, has been adjusted. There are three variants according to severity – for 2 points (for example, speeding by 10 km/h), 4 points (leaving the scene of an accident) or 6 points (running a red light).

Currently, the most up-to-date comprehensive data is available for the year 2022, when over 456,000 drivers earned a point. That is roughly 6.6% of all Czech male and female drivers. The highest share of scored drivers was in the Moravian-Silesian Region, the lowest in Prague. Almost 43,000 drivers received the full number of points this year.

How can I find out how many points I have for free

It doesn’t hurt to check the status of your points account from time to time. The authorities should inform you about the possible acquisition of a point, but not receiving a letter or overlooking a notification from the data box, this has certainly been experienced by each of us.

Photo: Garáž.cz

Extract from the point evaluation of an exemplary Garage driver.

The easiest way to find out the number of points for free is via the Citizen’s Portal. After logging in, a person requests a statement of the driver’s point rating and immediately receives a document where he can see how he is doing. Another option is a statement for a fee at Czechpoint branches (municipal offices, Czech post, Chamber of Commerce, notaries) or at the driver’s register.

What do I get points for?

As already written above, points are earned for violating road traffic rules. According to the ministry, the new scoring system should give greater punishments for more serious offenses and lower ones for less serious ones. Besip has the entire table on its website, for example, from 1/1/2024, the number of points obtained for not stopping the vehicle before a pedestrian crossing has decreased (from 3 points to 2), on the contrary, the fine and the number of points for using the phone behind the wheel are increasing (from 2 to 4 points).

How do I erase the points?

There are several ways to get rid of points. The easiest is to wait and chop the Latin. If, after obtaining a point, the driver does not obtain any more for 12 months, the 4 points will be automatically deleted. However, this period does not run if a sentence or driving ban is in progress.

Additional points can be lost when taking special safe driving training. In this case, you must not have any 6-point offense on your account. The course can be completed once per calendar year, and after completing it, the driver will lose three points.