25 years ago, the Internet was not very reliable, sometimes after entering a URL, the desired page was simply not found. Google, then still a startup, offered a solution: it added to the search results links cachewhich displayed previously saved versions of web pages. But now the Internet is so advanced that Google has decided officially cancel the cache.

The change, which was first spotted by Search Engine Land, was confirmed by Danny Sullivan, Google’s search expert who is an SEO (search engine optimization) broker.

“Yes, it has been removed,” Sullivan tweeted Friday. “It’s one of our oldest features. But it was supposed to help people access pages, when back in the day you often couldn’t count on the page to load. Nowadays, the situation has significantly improved. That’s why it was decided to remove her.”

Interestingly, the cache feature didn’t just help when loading the site, but SEO workers also used it to track changes made by competitors. Journalists and researchers checked the cache to have overview of historical records. And some savvy internet users knew that caching was the way bypass all kinds of prohibitions (e.g. loading websites that have been blocked in that country).

A possible solution to replace the cache to some extent could be partnership with the Internet Archive, which maintains historical copies of websites as a public service. However, this service tries to be independent, so it is probably just a proposal that will not be implemented.

Source: gizmodo.com