Netflix offers several hours of entertainment for motorsport fans. You can watch the documentary Life at full speed charting the story of Juan Manuel Fangio, a documentary about Schumacher, but the most successful program in the given genre is undoubtedly the Drive to Survive series from behind the scenes of F1.

The hot new product, the first series, is in a similar spirit NASCAR: Full Throttle. “A sports documentary series in which drivers and their teams aspire to make history and fiercely chase the title in the famous NASCAR Cup,” reports the official description of the creators. The first series has five episodes and you can watch them all right now on Netflix.

Photo: Netflix

The new show will take you behind the scenes of America’s favorite races.

Although the series is new – you can watch it from January 30 – it has already earned dozens of ratings with an average of 7.9/10 in the popular global database IMDb, which is not bad at all. Each of the episodes is around three-quarters of an hour long and quickly draws you into the world of overseas racing on the most famous ovals.

F1 fans can thus reduce their time watching the sixth series of Drive to Survive. It will be released on February 23, the day of the last pre-season tests and only a week before the start of the new season. It usually has ten episodes and charts the most interesting behind-the-scenes stories in sports.

You can watch shows from the Netflix streaming service in a web browser, but also in a mobile application or on a smart TV. The subscription costs from 199 to 319 CZK per month, depending on the selected package. The price affects the image quality, but also the number of devices you can use in one household.