In recent years, in the automotive world, we have always preferred things that stay the same. Although the Ford Mustang has received a new generation, it is largely based on its predecessor, which earned extraordinary popularity among American muscle car lovers. And so you can buy the novelty as a coupe or a convertible with a canvas roof, in both cases the characteristic five-liter eight-cylinder engine provides the drive!

Compared to its predecessor, the new Mustang has become more expensive, but it is still the most affordable car with such a huge engine room under the hood. The basic GT equipment starts at 1,591,900 CZK, you can get the Dark Horse special edition from 1,871,900 CZK.

Although we are talking about the basic equipment, it is extremely rich. As standard, you get 19″ light alloy wheels, a Brembo brake system and a self-locking differential. The electronic parking brake is new, but it has a drifting function with two levels of adjustment.

Photo: Ford

The open version was not forgotten either.

The Mustang Dark Horse is even closer to the world of racing cars, getting a revised suspension, improved cooling for increased durability and a grippier set of Pirelli sports tires. In addition, you can purchase the car with a unique blue paint, which is complemented by interior stitching in the same color.

The 5.0 V8 engine has 446 horsepower and 540 newton meters. It is equipped with a double intake and an active exhaust system, which gives a choice between a quiet morning departure to the iconic roar of a proper engine. The customer chooses between a six-speed manual and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The Dark Horse is even better, with seven more horsepower and a Tremec manual with a blue-anodized titanium shifter head.

Customers can now order cars from authorized dealers. The new configurator will be launched soon, the first pieces should appear on Czech roads during this year.

Prices for the new Ford Mustang are…

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