Many people travel with their dog, but what if you practically surrendered the entire car to him? It would probably look something like this.

Man’s best friend is also the cold, not that he isn’t. Especially for breeds that are not used to frost. However, it is enough to buy a few hundred clothes and he is immediately better off. However, even dog clothes and various accessories can be styled. Even the Italian company Poldo Dog Couture, which has built a business on it, knows about it. You can buy decent sweaters from around two thousand crowns, or there are some leashes, beds or harnesses.

The BMW Z4 M40i finally got a manual transmission.  As part of the package for 150 thousand

But the company is already big enough for prestigious cooperation. Leaving aside the dog jacket for CZK 11,645 in cooperation with Moncler, the company also cooperates with the Italian BMW dealership. Now together they presented the unique BMW X7 xDrive40d in a modification for dogs. You can recognize the car at first glance by the body paint color from the Individual program, which is called Oxford Green. Of course, it’s not just about the paint.

Going on vacation with your dog?  It's not that easy.  Have documents, watch out for prohibited breeds and safety

The X7 received exclusive accessories including rear seat covers made of nylon and Alcantara or a padded cushion. At the back is a pull-out module made of ebony wood, in which there are three drawers for various accessories for you or for the dog. The accessories for the dog in this special edition include a collar, a leash, a porcelain bowl, an ebony tray or a special safety belt. There is also an ionizer and a fragrant essence prepared by the young talent of the Italian perfumery Luca Maffei. The Italian BMW does not mention the price.