The Golf is an extremely valuable heritage for Volkswagen. The future is lined up in the brand’s portfolio.

Just two years ago, clouds were gathering over the Golf and no one knew how it would turn out with the famous name. Especially with his new generation. The current eighth series has just undergone a facelift and its life cycle will be fulfilled around 2028. What next?

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The next Volkswagen Golf will be electric, which will affect the ID.3 model. Volkswagen’s head of technical development Kai Grunitz revealed Top Gear, that there is no room for two similar cars with the same target group, which means that the ID.3 clears the field. Finally, the goal of the ID family. was only to distinguish the battery models from the conventional ones, not to bury the traditional names. id. Buzz is proof of that.

The name Golf will continue even in the electric age. Volkswagen has a clear idea of ​​the new generation and has already started its development. In terms of design, it will retain the car’s distinctive features with ID elements to fit the design into the portfolio. There will also be a sharp version of the GTI, whose new logo Volkswagen patented ahead of time. We’ll see if he sticks to the proposal.

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The basis of the successor will be the modular SSP platform, which, thanks to rewritable sections, will suit a small hatchback as well as a large SUV or sedan. This unification within the entire concern will also ensure the affordability of the Golf.