The Quattro Sport in the rally, the R18 TDI in Le Mans and most recently the RS Q e-tron in the Dakar – wherever racing Audi came to fight, it won. And it also applies to the American Touring Car Championship in 1989, where the automaker fielded a special Audi 90 Quattro GTO with a turbocharged five-cylinder 2.2l tuned to 720 hp (the basis was from the S1 Quattro), four-wheel drive and Hans-Joachim Stuck behind the wheel .

Photo: Audi

The racing monster had practically nothing in common with the serial Audi 90, it was much closer to the Quattro S1 rally special.

This beast crushed the competition and didn’t dominate the entire championship just because the team missed the first two races. A wide-swept special with a double wing on the rear, wheel covers the size of salad bowls, exhausts on the sides that shot long flames and a wild livery, however, forever entered the history and the hearts of fans of racing cars with four rings on the nose.

And it is to this iconic racer that the new limited edition Audi RS 6 Avant, a family mover on steroids, pays tribute. After all, the first such attempt was made by the enthusiasts at Audi Sport already four years ago in the form of the RS 6 GTO concept, and only now have they found space for its serial implementation, at least in the form of a limited GT series, which is not so wild again (a shame, huh?), but the source inspiration will not deny.

Photo: Audi

The RS 6 GTO concept looked fantastic! And looking at it, we think that with the GT edition, Audi could have loosened up a bit more…

You can recognize this at first sight by the white paint and “heritage” decals referring directly to the racing car (the decals are optional for the white Arkona, black Mythos and gray Nardo, the other five paints must do without them), the radiator grille and bumper with with wider intake openings, a carbon hood with moldings and carbon fenders with hot air exhausts from the brakes behind the front wheels, the rear is decorated with a modified bumper with an integrated diffuser and a double wing reminiscent of the unique aerodynamics of a circuit special flying low above the ground.

Photo: Audi

The resemblance of the family station wagon on steroids to the iconic racer is purely intentional! Only plates on wheels are missing for perfection.

The only thing missing from perfection are the big plates instead of wheels. However, connoisseurs will recognize that the 22-inch wheels are of the Avus design (available in three colors) introduced on the flashy aluminum supersport concept in 1991. They’re shod with low-profile Continental SportContact 7 tires designed to keep the speedy road projectile glued to the tarmac.

Photo: Audi

A special feature of the RS 6 Avant GT is the double rear wing. Just like on the GTO…

And exactly how fast, you ask? Underpinning the GT edition is the RS 6 Avant Competition, powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine – which also produces the same 630bhp and 850Nm, because… Well, do you really need more? But the time to 100 has been reduced by one-tenth to a super sports 3.3 seconds thanks to sticky tires and a saving of 15 kg (carbon bonnet and fenders and a few other little things) and the RS 6 Avant GT can whiz by at speeds of up to 305 km/h.

Audi RS 6 Avant GT.Video: Audi

But more important are the new coilover shock absorbers lowered (plus stiffer springs and stabilizers) by 10 mm and with the possibility of manual adjustment (you remove the wheels and click the desired level of damping and rebound), which have already managed to transform the character of the RS 4 and RS 5 Competition, additionally supplemented with a sports differential between the rear wheels (with tweaked settings for even better throttle control), so driving the GT version should draw you in even more and give you more control.

In the cabin, you can look forward to new anatomical carbon seats, Dinamica suede upholstery (on the seats, dashboard and doors) and a red/copper super-gloss color combination. Of course, there are lots of GT badges and especially the numbering of the edition on the center console.

Audi will produce the RS 6 Avant GT only as a limited edition of 660 units. The exceptionality of this edition is also supported by the fact that it will be partly produced by hand (the base RS 6 Avant will roll off the line in Neckarsulm, the GT details will be fine-tuned in Böllinger-Höfe, where the R8 supersport or the RS e-tron GT electric missile are also created), which then the price tag of 5,455,900 CZK reflects this (that’s two million more than the basic RS 6 Avant, while there are still some items such as shell seats, stickers or wheels for an extra charge). Will you be one of the six lucky Czechs who will park it in the garage?