The premiere is just around the corner, and the first drives in the real environment indicate a significant improvement.

Just before the official unveiling of the facelifted Taycan model, Porsche comes with a report from the first drives in California, which were attended by selected motoring journalists. The automaker reports that the improved version of its first electric car shows much better features than before. When tested on the Interstate 405 and 5 highways, it was said to be possible to drive up to 365 miles on a single charge – but according to the traffic rules there, i.e. a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour (120 km/h).

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The single-engine version of the Taycan with the larger Performance Plus battery managed to achieve quite an impressive range. In its still current version, it has a usable capacity of 83.7 kWh and, according to the WLTP cycle, it can theoretically manage up to 484 kilometers as a sedan or 492 kilometers in the form of a Sport Turismo station wagon. Porsche is keeping the specific technical parameters to itself for now, but it is quite possible that the increase is due to the different chemical composition of the battery, its greater capacity, or both.

There should also be a significant improvement in terms of charging speed. The current Taycan can handle up to 270 kW under ideal conditions, with the new version managing to achieve 332 kW at a 350 kW charging station in tests. That Porsche is not making things up is proven by the experience of journalists who took part in the test – for example, the British Autocar reports that their car was charged from 6 to 80 percent in 14 minutes, five minutes of which around 300 kW were running.

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And what can we look forward to next? Most likely, there will be an increase in performance – Porsche officials promised more of everything in the test. The improved Taycan should especially please Apple CarPlay users thanks to direct cooperation with the manufacturer of Apple devices. The new control interface is said to work on all three screens of the Taycan – the instrument panel, the main display in the middle and the screen in front of the passenger.