Please take the comparison “Japanese Superb” as an exaggeration. Although Toyota’s novelty falls into the same category, its approach deviates considerably from the established standards. Despite this (or precisely because of that?), it is an interesting car, the previous eighth generation of which is increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. It is also a successful model globally, after all, 21 million units have been sold throughout its history.

The Camry against the Superb comes in a single body and with a single engine. It is a traditional, according to the brand, the last mainstream sedan on the market. So only the trunk lid opens at the back, not the entire part including the rear window as with the liftback, which is more practical in everyday life. Today, you would really only find sedans in the luxury segment, they are still held by, for example, the German premium trio. However, it usually offers an alternative in the form of a station wagon, which is not the case with the Camry. Damage…

No diesel, but not a pure electric car either. What kind of Toyota would it be if it wasn’t powered by a hybrid that’s been proven for years. The Camry has its fifth generation, which is stronger, more agile, but also quieter and more economical. But it is far from the only technological innovation that is worth mentioning in the case of the Japanese sedan.

But I have already told you more than enough. You have already read the first static impressions of the new Toyota Camry on Garage, this time you can get to know the car through a video. What did we find out during the Warsaw premiere? And when will the car first appear on Czech roads? Take a look and learn everything important!

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