The renaissance of the Lancia car company has been talked about for many years. The brand withdrew from most markets some time ago, remaining active only at home in Italy, with only one aging Ypsilon model (with minor changes, it has been produced since 2011). Paradoxically, in some years it even sold more cars than Alfa Romeo in the whole of Europe. Now the Italians want to step on the gas again and stir up the activities of the once very famous car company across Europe. Perhaps also thanks to the new generation Ypsilon.

The novelty has been around the world in recent weeks thanks to a leaked video, so its design is no longer a complete secret. Now Lancia has revealed the car officially shortly before the exhibition premiere, which will take place on February 14 in Milan. So far, it has boasted a limited edition Cassina, with which the premium designer furniture manufacturer of the same name helped. Only 1906 pieces will be produced, which is a reference to the year the brand was founded.

The new Ypsilon impresses with its uniform front with an illuminated horizontal line, and the concept of the rear part with round lamps referring to the iconic Lancia Stratos is particularly sexy. Only a profile view reveals that the car shares the technology of the Stellantis concern with other small siblings, namely the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa. The silhouettes are very similar.

When creating the interior, the designers are said to have taken great care in choosing high-quality materials and played with countless small details. Note, for example, the storage space under the central screen, which resembles a coffee table and at the same time serves as a wireless phone charger.

Lancia has not yet revealed detailed technical information. All we know is that the electric version promises a range of up to 403 kilometers per charge, so it will probably get a 54kWh battery like its other siblings. In the future, the electric version should be complemented by a mild-hybrid three-cylinder twelve-cylinder, but we know even less about it. For the Stellantis concern, it’s as if incinerator is a dirty word, even though it still wants to offer them. Strange…

The news will start the brand’s return to the European scene soon. In the first wave, it is going to large and rich markets, a comeback to the Czech Republic remains a question. Domestic car importer Stellantis has no official information yet, but has not ruled out the possibility of a return. If that happens, then certainly with a delay compared to Italy et al..

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