The long-term goal of the Czech car company Tatra Trucks is to produce 2,500 vehicles per year, which the manufacturer is gradually approaching, last year it managed to produce and deliver a total of 1,451, i.e. 100 more than in 2022.

You have to see these numbers in the context of production, which is quite individual at Tatra, where almost every vehicle is different. The car company does not churn out one identical piece after another, each model is solved, produced and assembled almost as an individual.

The car company sells both to the civilian sector and to the armed forces. Last year’s production volume for the civilian market went mostly to fire and rescue services, followed by construction, the mining industry, agriculture and municipal services.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

Our army is a regular customer of the Czech Tatras.

Over half of the production consisted of cars and chassis for the defense and security forces, including the Army of the Czech Republic, for which Tatra Trucks is a long-term strategic partner.

It is also interesting that more than 40% of the vehicles were directed to Czech customers. The rest found their owners in India, Austria, Slovakia, Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia or Germany, while smaller numbers of special vehicles went to Switzerland, France, Hong Kong or South Korea.

Firefighters and the army took the most

Among the most important orders of last year are more than two hundred firefighting specials for our fire brigade, in which the builders from Polička and Slatiňany also took part. Specifically, it was a delivery of 232 different car syringes.

And the army was also buying, and not only the Czech army. For the German army, Tatrovka produced Tatra Force 4 × 4 chassis (77 pieces), from which the Austrian company Rosenbauer produced firefighting specials.


Companies from the Czech Republic and Austria also participated in firefighting specials.

209 Tatra Force 6 × 6 flatbed trucks and 30 pieces of Tatra Force 8 × 8 hook loaders arrived in our army. Just like last year, the production of chassis for military logistics vehicles, which Tatra supplies to the Belgian army in cooperation with DAF Trucks, continued.

However, Tatra also deals with special vehicles, so it is appropriate to mention the chassis for residential and expedition vehicles. You will surely think of the Australian fortress on wheels Tatra Phoenix with a total weight of 62 tons.

Stunning news

The year 2023 was also marked by the celebration of 100 years of the existence of the Tatra chassis concept with a central support tube and swinging independently suspended half-axles, which Hans Ledwinka first used in 1923 with the Tatra 11 type. However, that was not the only thing to admire.

At the PYROS 2023 trade fair, the manufacturer showed the third generation of the Tatra Force model series, namely in a civilian version for firefighters, which brings essential electronicization and digitization as well as new technical solutions and improved engines.

Photo: Tatra Trucks

Last year, Tatra introduced the Force model with an electric-hydrogen drive, which will continue to be developed.

At the beginning of autumn, the prototype of the new generation of the Tatra Force series debuted with an automated control system in its first stage of development. Among other things, this car can be driven using a remote control, so it can serve well for firefighters, rescuers or even miners.

This year, Tatra wants to continue growing, fulfill client orders, and in the first half of this year introduce a new generation of the Phoenix model line. The third generation of the Force series is to follow, but in a military version. So we have a lot to look forward to!