The electric missile receives a set of improvements for better dynamics, usability and also extra equipment.

A few days ago, the automaker secretly informed us that the Taycan will offer more of everything as part of the facelift. Now here we have the official premiere and it must be admitted that she did not exaggerate. Let’s start with the design, which has probably changed the least on the whole car – we have the obligatory modified front and rear, new front fenders and also slimmer HD Matrix LED headlights with more detailed optics, in which the typical “four-eyed” motif in each front light stands out better. The Porsche logo in the rear light bar now has a three-dimensional design, animations have also been added when unlocking and locking.

The changes concern the entire range of Taycans, i.e. the classic GT, the practical Sport Turismo and the rougher Cross Turismo – by the way, an off-road package is also available for it. The Turbo and Turbo S models received further modifications to stand out more from the rest of the range. The Turbonite highlighting varnish is now available for them.

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The changes inside are quite decent. The displays in the dashboard have a clearer user interface, a driving mode switch has been added to the steering wheel as standard equipment. On models with the Sport Chrono package and a larger battery, you will find a push to pass button on it for a short-term increase in performance. You can now command and set the assistants more easily thanks to the new lever on the left under the steering wheel.

As we announced earlier, Porsche, in cooperation with Apple, prepared a deeper integration of the CarPlay system into the screens. What’s new is the possibility of streaming videos on the central display or the optional screen in front of the passenger.

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In terms of basic equipment, the Taycan has improved – as standard it will now offer a heat pump with a new cooling system, ParkAssist with a rear camera, heated front seats, electrically folding mirrors with lighting, ambient lighting inside, wireless phone charging plus two USB sockets in the front, Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (route planning and charging), power steering Plus and the already mentioned drive mode selector. Even though the basic equipment has increased, the facelifted model is 15 kilograms lighter.

The new Porsche Macan is here!  Now it's time to break bread, the torque of 1130 Nm and a range of 613 km speak for the electric

But now to the most interesting part – technology. All variants of the Taycan are now based on adaptive air suspension, and for four-wheelers you can pay extra for the better Porsche Active Ride, with which the manufacturer promises a very wide variance between comfort and driving dynamics. It keeps the body in a plane in the longitudinal and transverse directions, and in the appropriate mode it compensates for body movements so that the forces affect the crew less. All models get a new rear electric motor with up to 80 kW more power, modified pulse converter with improved software, better thermal management and battery and more efficient recuperation. When braking from high speeds, it now supplies 290 kW to 400 kW instead.

Porsche revealed the magic of the new Active Ride chassis.  A car with it theoretically does not need springs

The speed of the improved Taycan is not lacking even in the basic single-engine version – it now accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, i.e. 0.6 seconds earlier than before the facelift. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Turbo S, which reaches 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds (0.4 s earlier). Porsche has recently introduced the push to pass short-term power boost function, which adds up to 70 kW for 10 seconds – with the Turbo S, in combination with Launch Control, it is even up to 140 kW. This fastest version gives a system output of 700 kW (952 hp).

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The official WLTP range now reaches up to 678 kilometers – Porsche does not explicitly mention which version, but it can be estimated that it is the standard Taycan with a larger Performance Plus battery. Compared to the previous gross of 93.4 kWh, this increased to 105 kWh. At 800V stations, the car is now charged at up to 320 kW, which is 50 kW more than before the facelift. But what is more important – the charging curve has changed, the charging power of over 300 kW can last for more than five minutes even at low temperatures. At 15 degrees Celsius, charging from 10 to 80 percent takes only 18 minutes instead of the previous 37 minutes.