It is already a well-established standard that the BMW 5 series is offered in two body variants, where the traditional sedan is complemented by a more practical station wagon labeled Touring. It arrives today, almost a year after the launch of the sedan.

Compared to its predecessor, the novelty is 96 mm longer, 32 mm wider and 17 mm higher. The length exceeds five meters, the wheelbase even has 2995 mm, according to BMW it is the longest in the given class. Dimensionally, the car is practically identical to the sedan, only ten millimeters higher in the case of the station wagon.

The big trunk remains

The privilege of the practical Touring, of course, remains the large luggage space. It provides 570 liters as standard, but by folding down the rear bench you can get to a great 1,700 liters. Under the floor, you will find additional space for storing, for example, a dividing net or small valuables that you do not want to leave in plain sight.

Photo: BMW

Folding down the rear bench creates a huge space and an almost flat loading area.

The processing of the rear was successful, the station wagon is proportionally balanced, perhaps only the elements protruding from the rear bumper far up seem relatively bold. The last couple of pillars are quite thin, so there should be a decent view from the rear of the car. Unfortunately, the new generation of five-door hatchbacks lost a great gadget and a big competitive advantage – the ability to open only the rear window. According to the manufacturer, no one used it. We do not agree.

Electric and six-cylinder

It is probably not surprising that the engine palette copies the classic five. For now, you can buy the Touring in the 520d (xDrive) version, which is a two-liter diesel with mild-hybrid assistance, which has a power of 145 kW, and an electric motor can add another eight kilowatts. The alternatives are the purely electric versions – i5 eDrive40 (250 kW) and i5 M60 xDrive (442 kW) with a range of 560 and 506 km, respectively.

Photo: BMW

Both electric fives have an 81.2kWh battery that can be charged with a power of up to 205kW. Especially the version with the “emk” badge boasts decent agility, it reaches 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and whizzes up to 230 km/h.

In the summer of this year, the plug-in hybrid 530e with a power of 220 kW, an optional four-wheel drive and a range of up to 96 kilometers on a single charge will complete the engine range. For traditional customers, however, the most interesting engine will be the 540d xDrive, as it is an honest six-cylinder diesel engine (220 + 13 kW) with a decent torque of 670 Newton meters.

Czech prices of the BMW 5 Series Touring

  • 520d CZK 1,574,300
  • 520d xDrive CZK 1,636,700
  • i5 eDrive40 1,799,200 CZK
  • i5 M60 xDrive CZK 2,572,700

The production of the new BMW 5 Series Touring will be provided by the plant in Dingolfing, Germany, the first units will appear on Czech roads in May. Unsurprisingly, the station wagon is most popular in its home country, but it also does well in the UK, Italy, Sweden and, surprisingly, Japan.