Given the way the smartphone market has evolved in recent years, it’s no surprise that Apple is thinking about a foldable version of the iPhone. According to The Information website, Apple has created two clamshell-shaped prototypes of the foldable iPhone. But even if Apple were to continue developing foldable iPhones, it probably would did not appear on the market until 2026.

According to the report, there are two main problems. First, engineers have not yet been able to solve the technical problems of folding smartphones (complications probably occurred in the construction of the connection between the two halves of the screen). Second, designers are said to be having trouble creating features for the foldable iPhone that would make it an attractive enough choice for customers. This is important because foldable phones tend to be more expensive than standard phones.

Apple has been thinking about the production of a foldable smartphone for several years. But it seems more likely that Apple’s first foldable deviceif he decides to make it, will be iPad. This would mean less risk for the company. Apple has reportedly been developing a foldable iPad since at least 2020.

However, even with a foldable iPad, there are still some issues. The company allegedly it fails to make the screen completely flat when opened and that there is no bump in the middle. It took Samsung several years to develop a hinge that eliminated the gap between the two halves of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.