The list of car companies that have recently revived their offer with an attractive discount is already quite long. The most recent addition to them is Peugeot, which, after suffering during the chip crisis, reports sufficient production capacity and dealer warehouses are filling up. “Another good news is that we have returned the popular Rifter to the offer in a personal version with a diesel engine,” says Filip Lapka, sales director of the Peugeot brand in the Czech Republic.

Initially, the Stellantis concern wanted to sell its personal vans only with an electric drive, but quickly encountered a lack of interest from customers. You can buy the new Rifter – just like its sister Berlingo – with internal combustion engines. And for good money.

The petrol 110-horsepower three-cylinder 1.2 PureTech starts at 525,000 CZK, the 100-horsepower 1.5 BlueHDi diesel starts at 595,000 CZK, or 650,000 CZK when choosing the extended Long version. The more powerful 130-horsepower version comes with an automatic transmission and costs from CZK 725,000. The electric version is still available, and you can buy it from CZK 875,000. Compared to the original price list, depending on the equipment, the discount easily climbs over 200,000 CZK!

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

The extravagant 408 was also discounted.

However, other models are also more advantageous. Today, you can buy the 308 SW station wagon with a 130-horsepower 1200 petrol engine from CZK 529,000, the 5008 SUV starts at CZK 699,000, and the hot new 408 fastback costs from CZK 659,900. You can save from 100 to 200 thousand.

A branded five-year warranty is standard for all cars. If you don’t want to buy a car outright, Peugeot has its own operational leasing ready. Including compulsory liability and accident insurance, today you can have a city 208 from CZK 5,990 per month, while the 2008 crossover is only CZK 1,000 more expensive per month.