Do you miss the roofless C-Class? Do you nostalgically remember Éčko napoše without? We have a replacement here!

While we used to find convertibles also in the offer of plebeian brands, in the last ten or fifteen years they have rapidly decreased on the market. The CLE model is closer to the E-class, in which it replaced the coupe model, and now the cabriolet is also applying for the word.

Compared to the version with a fixed roof, the CLE basically has a 15-millimeter lower (but comfortable) chassis, you can pay extra for a sports suspension with damping according to vibrations from the road or a full-fat adaptive Dynamic body control system with control of each shock absorber separately in cooperation with the current state of the rest of the car and depending on the situation.

Under the hood, when entering the market, we will find exclusively 48V mild-hybrid units – diesel is represented by a two-liter CLE 220 ds with a power of 145 kW, gasoline is also available with a two-liter engine. My power is 150 kW and is available with one or both axles. Electric assistance with an extra 17 kW is available for all.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLE has its first Czech prices!  The base is under 1.5 million, but a great diesel is not much more expensive

For driving without a roof, Mercedes has deployed comfort functions in the basic equipment. There is also an electrically retractable Aircap deflector, which consists of a retractable wing on the upper edge of the windshield (sends air over the heads of the crew) and another retractable air curtain behind the second row of seats. The Airscarf neck warmer on the front seats will then warm your head in the cold months.

The fabric roof with an acoustic insert is available in black, gray or red and opens or closes in twenty seconds at speeds of up to 60 km/h. In the luggage compartment, it is automatically separated from the load by a retractable partition. The rear row of seats can be folded down, so a handy long space can be created here for transporting skis or other longer objects. In the basic configuration, 385 liters can fit here, with the roof down 295 liters.

The new Mercedes-AMG CLE combines the charisma of two coupés.  It is a predator with class E nobility

The dashboard will not surprise those who have already sat in the standard CLE. Here we have a free-standing 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and an 11.9-inch vertical center display. But it hides a small surprise – it has a hinge in its lower part and can be electrically tilted in the range of 15 to 40 degrees, so the driver will not be dazzled by glare when driving without a roof. The seats are also adapted to travel “without the top”, they have a special surface treatment to reflect the sun’s rays, thanks to which they are up to 12 degrees cooler in direct sunlight than without it.

In terms of digital equipment, of course, all the charms of the MBUX multimedia system with video conferencing applications such as Zoom, TikTik and others are not missing. You can purchase another through the online marketplace Mercedes me Store. The CLE Cabriolet will enter the European market at the end of April this year, Czech prices have not yet been published.