Renault is riding the SUV wave. He already has six, but apparently it’s not enough.

We first noticed the name Symbioz at Renault in connection with the concept presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. At that time, it was a low sedan with oppositely opening doors. This spring, the name will return, albeit in conjunction with a completely different type.

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This time it will be a compact C-segment SUV with a length of 4.41 meters. As a result, it fits exactly between the larger Austral and the smaller Captur. The novelty will receive a hybrid E-Tech with a power of 145 hp, which we know from Arkana, for example. There is no need for an electric version, as the current Scenic E-Tech matches it in size. The Solarbay panoramic roof, which becomes opaque without the need for a physical screen, will have its premiere here.

The name Symbiosis reflects the vision of the harmonious coexistence of car and person, as the car is aimed primarily at families. Under this idea, you can imagine the high utility value of the SUV segment, complemented by modern on-board technology with a high degree of digitization. The multi-sense system can create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior through colorful mood lighting, audio and the right temperature. Additionally, the schedule changes depending on the time of day.

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In connection with this, one can expect an interior arrangement in the style of an airplane cockpit. If we look at the Austral model, for example, the dashboard combines a 12.3-inch instrument panel with a 12-inch openR link infotainment system. The advantage is the integration of Google applications that you choose from the Google App store.